Baby steps and the cultivation of autoflowers

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Itty Bitty Baby Steps
Mar 6, 2018
So yeah, that's but put mildly. I have grown crappy photos before, loooooong time ago. They were crappy. Sorta put me off of growing. All in on the autos now, full tilt and cowabunga, or whatnot.

My mission statement and thus the ultimate goal for this grow is this: To kill the plant deliberately when it is ready.

Baby steps.

Organic soil, I'm thinking water only, at least until the soil becomes so lean I have to reconsider.
I will put in the effort to produce some pics, I hope. No journal is complete without them, I find.
Small improvised greenhouse on the balcony. Full disclosure: I might get paranoid and end this prematurely and never grow again until I have an indoor option. But for now, a Sweet seeds S.A.D. is waiting to get the transplant to the bigger outdoor pot, away from the windowsill and into the sun.


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Oct 27, 2017
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