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Dec 13, 2012
The reason we are fat is very simple.

The nutrition has been taken from our food. Replaced by engineering to promote pest control and excellerated growth.

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So we eat food that once was enough for people's health yet no longer contain the nutrition we need. So our bodies are telling us we need more nutrition. This triggers that hungry effect that is in all of us. Some are better at keeping it at bay, some are not.

We are in effect improperly nourished. Things like ground grains were never meant to be a mainstay in our diets.

I will get off the soap box now, heh heh, cuz I think you have the idea.


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Dec 2, 2012
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I had not heard of Gary Taubes:d5:...checking out some of his articles, sounds like we are all on the same page.

author of Why We Get Fat
and Good Calories, Bad Calories


Here are some of Gary’s more popular recent works


Is Sugar Toxic? (2011)The New York Times Magazine
Unhealthy Science (2007)
The New York Times Magazine
The Scientist and the Stairmaster (2007)
New York Magazine

What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? (2004)
The New York Times Magazine
Letter to the Editor: Response to Dr. George Bray’s Review of Good Calories, Bad Calories
Obesity Reviews. 2008; 10: 96-98
The Soft Science of Dietary Fat (2001)Science
The (Political) Science of Salt (1998)
Gary Taubes is a correspondent for Science magazine. (The following link provides the search results for ‘Gary Taubes’ in the online version of Science.)


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Dec 2, 2014
"Why we get fat" is the easier read of Good Calories, Bad Calories.
Gary is a science writer and backs up his stuff with documented research.
My addition would be "smoke some nice weed' and think before we eat. :munchies: