Big Battle: Championship round:2019

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Jul 21, 2019
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A few clones won't hurt her, especially if you take them from the bottom. I always lollipop and remove some leaves right before flower anyway. If you want to wait a day or two after taking clones to flip, you can do so. I also add some Vitamin B and/or some organic tea to help in the stages of growth where changes are bigger.
Good call ;) Although I am afraid the cuttings would be far too small in her case... but I will see what I can do!


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Jul 12, 2018
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She's alive!! Here are the pics from the last update.

Megabuds Giant Skittlez

I'm keeping a close eye on her, I had to shut the drip off again as it is spattering the stem and I'm really worried about the damage she's showing. I will check in the AM and again in the PM and turn it back on once she's drier.

Same plant, just did some LST on her. I will see how she has bounced back in the morning.