Black Cream (2nd Run) Smoke Report

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May 17, 2013
SeedBank : Sweet Seeds! (Yeah!)

Strain: Black Cream (One of my favourites)

Did it autoflower?: Of course!

Soil/hydro: Canna Coco Pro Plus

Nutes: Canna: Rhizotonic, CocoA&B, Boost. Dutch Pro Explode, Bloom Calmag (but dont recommend the bloom calmag as it's N heavy - making it a bit useless)

Light (kind and schedule): LED GN0006 - a "classic"

From seed to harvest date: Think i took it to 80 days

Dry Yield: I don't weigh but it was one of my big jars full and dense buds - so very happy (pot size was 11 litres)

High/Effect Duration:

Description: The high is great, at 80 days it starts off as a body stone that lingers around the top half of your chest before creeping up. Very relaxing. Doesn't turn my brain to mush, but does put me in my sofa for a good while.


RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good


Not purple, but nice and dense and good looking buds! (minus one point for not being purple - a bit harsh!)


Well i can't blame sweet seeds for my growing :rofl: - the plant grew well, the grower was 50/50 lol

THE SMELL: *****

My favourite! When you know it's kush in there, you can smell it, but for me, it's the nicest smelling pot - kind of like sweet dark chocolate .. but a very zesty citurs smell if you rub aginst the buds.

THE SMOKE: *****

Description: Thick clouds of smoke smell less skuky and more sweet.

THE HIGH: *****

Description: Body stone at day 80 - very nice.

THE TASTE: *****

Description Dark chocolate or coco with a sweetness that lingers on the exhale. It's really nice!

Here's a picture of her naked

She was a beauty! :)

Thanks Sweet Seeds & AFN!

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Mar 29, 2018
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SeedBank : Sweet Seeds!

Strain: Black Cream

Did it autoflower?: Yes

Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Warm Casting, Perlite

Nutes: I started with Nukeheads Flower Power Package but that dame @Dabber made me change nukes to Mega Crop with Sweet Candy and Bud Explosion and Cal/Mag

Light: 2 Auto Cob /300 watt Mars Hydro(for extra lighting )

From seed to harvest : 83 days

Dry Yield: 40.3 grams with 3.3 grams of popcorn buds and 4 grams of trim(will be making some butter with both BC and DD trim)

High/Effect Duration:

Description: OOOhhh the high is good but will get couch lock if you smoke the whole blunt like I did!!

RATE SCALE: Dame good!!


I should just take a pic for you to see for yourself!!


This was a pleasure to grow!! No problems at all, I just went a little to high on the mega Crop, I went up to 3.0 grams and got a little tip burn and back it down to 2.5 grams and 1 gram each of the SC and BE

THE SMELL: *****

Very fruity smell!!

THE SMOKE: *****

Description: SEE Above

THE HIGH: *****

Description: See Above

THE TASTE: *****

I really cant describe it, but it leaves the mouth wanting more!!

All in all, I will grow this one again but in a bigger pot.
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