Black Dragon Smoke Report / Review.

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Jun 2, 2011
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Strain Review - Black Dragon.

SeedBank :

Name: (Aunt) Mossy's Medical MJ


Name: Black Dragon

Did it autoflower?: Yes - 3 Weeks.


Description: John Innes No 2 soil from seeds, with added Perlite.


Description: Ionic Grow / Bloom / Boost / Cannazym / Rhitzotonic

Light (kind and schedule):

Description: 20/4 from seeds. 250w MH bulb till Week 5, 250w HPS till Week 12.

From seed to harvest date: _80_days

Dry Yield: _160g Over 3 plants (One of which was purposely seeded).

High/Effect Duration:

Description: A good solid high which comes on almost straight away. Excellent in a bong, where three or four tokes has me comfortably numb and my eyes half closed. I'm quite an experienced smoker, but I still wouldn't want to be doing anything too complicated after using the Dragon. For most people this would be a decent night-time smoke, and personally I can't wait till I get some BHO & hash from the trim - that'll be my real knockout.


RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good


Description: Two of my plants exhibited a purple colouring & all the buds were very tight, with the smell of good strong Cannabis. Bang on bag appeal.


Description: All my three Black Dragons were less than 12" tall, but managed to produce over an ounce each, some nearly two ounces. I had them under a 250w MH bulb till end of week 5, which will have helped with the height, but still a tight compact plant with little waste. Great for the smaller grower, but for me could have been a little taller.

THE SMELL: *****

Description: Since the first trichs started showing these plants have smelt wonderful. A lot of autoflowers just smell grassy, but these were a strong earthy cannabis smell from the off.


Description: A strong, earthy smoke, that tastes well rounded. I thought there was going to be more fruit in the taste, just because of the vibrant purple colouring but not to be. Still, a really decent smoke. No complaints at all, and the plants are just dry. A few weeks in the jars, and I'm sure they'll be something else again.

THE HIGH: ****

Description: Quick acting and long lasting. I can see this helping with pain relief, sleeping and appetite problems. I've smoked a lot of autos, some of them you can tell are just shadows of the plants they've been copied from, but this smoke has character. Any non-autoflower advocates would be wanting these seeds.

Here's some pics, and a link to my grow thread. This report has been posted as the grow will eventually be lost within the many pages of the forum.

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Jan 30, 2011
+rep great report niceneasy


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Jun 2, 2011
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Cheers folks. I thought it only fair to put up a report thread as a lot of people won't have seen the grow.


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Feb 3, 2011
dam beautiful :slap: two the Dragon :smokebuds:nice smoke report :peace:Kudo