Blaze first PC grow, G-13 Pineapple Express.

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Jan 6, 2013
Well this is my first grow. I always wanted to grow when i was a teen but lived with my mom so i could't :eek:. Well now i have a house and can do whatever i want. So now im on my first grow and i wanted it to be stealth and i always wanted to do it in a PC case. I did allot of reading and i mean allot so i took the jump and bought all the stuff and here i am!

Ill break it down for you from the build up to now.

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Its a NZXT full tower.

Now for the build.

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3 120mm fans in there :)

Now for the carbon filters for smell.

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Got how to make them on another site.

Now for the seed. I chose to do G-13 Pineapple express.
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Now to tell you a little more about the grow.
Nutes: FF trio
Pot: A little under a gallon i would say. Just something i already had
Lights: I have 4 23W 2700k CFLs
Fans: 2 exhaust fans and 1 intake fan
Smell: DIY carbon filters

So did the paper towel germ method. Worked great for me.Took 2 days to break shell that was on Jan 5th and then it broke soil on jan 7th. I dont have any pics of when it broke soil sorry.

These are pics from week one

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Not looking to bad. The wavy leaves had me freaked out for a bit tho till i did some reading on it and most people said its normal.

Now at week two.
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In the middle of week two i started to LST. Im not a pro at it or anything but ill get there. So these are the pics in the middle of week two and week three. at 20 days old.

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I think im going to start adding nutes next week. If you all have any suggestions please flee free to say something because i still have allot to learn. Well hope you all enjoy and ill be updating weekly. :toke:


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Oct 19, 2012
nice! everything looks great! im subbed for the ride man. :smokebuds: damn i miss my pc box!


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Jan 6, 2013
Today's photos

Well these are pics i took today and today she had her first nutes. The LST is really working :)

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Jan 19, 2013
what a sexy build, will follow this :)
could you pm me the DIY carbon filter website?