blue cheese dwc

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Jan 6, 2015
Finally getting round to doing a journal in the dinafem section, going with a single blue cheese to start with,this will also be my first attempt at dwc, I grow mainly in a Wilma system so this will be a fun experiment for me.
I've been using gen hydro flora series with decent results so far but feel like trying something new.
I want to put Advanced Nutrition's PH perfect range to the test following tangs easy feed schedule,

I WILL monitor ph and ppm throughout the grow (if it makes it) but I wont adjust ph at all
if it doesn't work i'll start over with my normal nutes and no harm done!
she was just born this morning

and into her net pot (hope im not too early)

shes in a 15litre aeros 1 bubble bucket with a haliea v30 airpump- the airpump that came with the bucket was pathetic I make more bubbles when I fart in the bath!
any questions, tips or just general abuse- fire away