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Nov 19, 2016
This is a limited edition strain that I bought during the 2017 black friday promo. The one I received like 80 seeds instead of 27. Mephisto are just THAT great. Since its a review post, I might as well review the company behind all those automatic craziness. You can not go wrong with mephisto and you will see why...

SeedBank :



Blue Cush (auto blues x auto cush)

Did it autoflower?: mephisto duhhh......


Coco mix with potting soil, shrimp compost, powder amendment (gardening mix with bat guano, blood meal, bone mean, green sand and lots more stuff that plants love)


shrimp composte, gardening powder amendment, general hydro grow box line (great little kit for the money btw)

Light (kind and schedule):

home made cob. 12 citizen 1212 @ 300 watts

From seed to harvest date: around 90 days (with my setup)

Dry Yield: dont know but a ounce for sure with a good 20 gram of loose buds for oil.

High/Effect Duration*****

Live smoke report now lol I just smoke 1 bong hit and a half bowl from my pipe. She hits right in the head at first and make the earth pumping a bit. 25 minutes into the high, she settle in the upper body. Not a too heavy high and I am not lost in my thought during the writhing on this review. This is good because I can be lost some time. too much thing going on in there lol. Its not the lost the remote in the fridge kinda high for those who know what I mean. Then its smooth for a good hour or two. Really good day time smoke with a indica calming effect.

RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great


Super frosty purple foxtailed nugget of happiness. Its so frosty that it look moldy in the jar lol She is 5 stars for me but because of is mutant nature she grow some male organs and half formed seeds on some buds. That may be bad for some but for my personal use I dont care at all.

THE GROWTH ***** for a mutant

She was a mutant from the start, with a slow veg period and 3 main stems. I let her go and I was not disappointed at all. She explode in preflower and she was a little hard to work with due to her shooting branches everywhere like crazy and splitting some of her tops. During her flowering she continue with her crazy attitude and put LAYERS of frost on everything. Stems and leaves included. She ended to be one of the most beautiful plants I have seen. I am convinced that the genetics behind blue cush is premium quality and that Mitch and is crew put a lots of works and love in the development of these cannabis plants. I have seen far less quality on healty plants... Mephisto just rocks that much.


Realy pungent smell of earthy berry. A gazy wiff come out when you mess with the buds. Smell wonderful. In the jar the strong earthy gazy smell tamed itself and let the berry comes out more. When you break up the buds, it come back at you and let you remember how stenchy she was.


Rich smoke, creamy with berry note. A bit harsh due to the sometime half form seed and early curing but hey, she is really enjoyable.

: *****

see above.

To end this review, I can say that is one of the best weed I smoke. Even if she was not perfect looking with weird buds formation and was some sort of a shy tranny, the grow was absolutely worth it and she will be on my to grow list again for sure. Thanks you mephisto for letting me grow, smoke and enjoy such great genetics.


to see the grow check out

Thank you all !!
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Jul 25, 2017
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Mephisto Mystery
Although I am using seedsman blue cush, I am very certain they were leftover Mephisto. I am seeing everything you are talking about in my plant right now. I was scared I had a phosphorous def. but after seeing what yours did, it just seems like genetics.


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Jan 15, 2017
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Mate that looks extremely nice! Loving the "weird bud formation" as you put it. I would call it seriously fat calyx action due to full spectrum cob light :thumbsup:

Nice growing dude.


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Nov 19, 2016
@AKtack nice crinkle !! mine too turn really purple and those thin leaves never gets old.

@Samwell take care of of her, she will be a breeze to trim and after a good month i the jar she turn into a chemical blueberry indica goodness. So nice !!

@hippy71 cobs rock ! 3000k and 4000k mix. If I have a good year, I am thinking abouth adding 4 6000k.

Thanks for the comment guys !!
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