Blue Himalaya smoke report

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Auto Warrior
Nov 11, 2016
Breeders Name: Short Stuff seeds

Strain Name: Blue Himalaya

Autoflower?: Yes, on day 21

Soil/Hydro: Coco

Nutes: General Hydroponics Cocotek

Lights: Roleandro 200w COB

Days from sprout to harvest: 70ish

Dry yield: 63grams of nugs plus loose popcorn and trim. I was very surprised with the results

Effects: 7. 2 hits off the Kind Pen and I was exactly where I wanted to be. There was no paranoia, no rushing thoughts. The feeling was nice and mellow, perfect for a relaxing night with my headphones on.

Bag Appeal: 7.5 I did a dry trim so the buds were more leafy than I prefer. They were super frosty with a great aroma.

Density: 6 the top nugs were rock solid. Anything grown below 6" from the tops were noticeably looser.

Growth: 9. I planned for a short single bud plant. To my surprise this plant grew insane. She grew to be over 36" tall and I was forced to bend the main cola to keep it out of the light.

Smell: 6 some mild hints of berry with spicy hashy notes

Smoke: 8 using a vape pen it was very smooth. I tend to cough a lung when I take larger hits. This stuff was smooth as butter and didn't cause me to cough at all.


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Jun 3, 2012
Thanks for the report.Your looser buds farther down on the plant is more than likely caused from not enough light penetration or a weak par value of your light.


Auto Warrior
Nov 11, 2016
That's pretty much what I figured. She was grown in a micro cabinet. 16x8x48". As soon as she filled up the width of the cabinet no light penetrated deep enough. I considered adding some lower side lights but I still haven't done so.


Canna grower
Mar 31, 2017
Nice review. Congrats on the badge. I'm working on my first one too. I'll have to ask rebel if anything I have is worthy lol I want a badge they make u look more established lol. Congrats again on the badge and great harvest