Blueberry Dragon Smoke Report


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Sep 3, 2013
The White House
SeedBank: RCMC - Royal Canadian Marijuana Collective

Strain: Blueberry Dragon

Did it autoflower?: Yes, day 20

Soil/hydro: FFOF soil, 3 gallon containers

Nutes: was using GO calmag & biozbizz' bloom

Light (kind and schedule): CLW SolarStorm 400w 20/4

From seed to harvest date: 71 days

Dry Yield: 3 plants: 82g, 96g, 90g, respectively (see below)

High/Effect Duration: 3-4+ hours

-Doing away with the rate scale for this one, it would be unfair ;]
Gonna use some info I dropped from the grow log (also they are in this order in the picture!)

#1 is very Afghani in smell and taste, hashish-y, shortest

#2 is the true Berry pheno, fully purple, stanky sweet smoke, mid-height

#3 is very Earthy with lemon-citrus undertones, only getting very slight fruit hints
(which i think is the lemon anyway)
- tallest

Homogenous generous nug sizes, all about the same density too. Can get tight! Slightly more stretching and elongated cola sizes on DB#3.
After getting to know this strain a little, I feel like All 3 phenos could've gone 75-80 days, time their nutes right.
They really get dense and stay nice and compact, probably with some taller phenos that would be interesting to find, so keep
the lights closer to really penetrate. I got limited on space towards the end! She will love you with LST or no training either way

Top notch pain relief and great for relaxing
and being active. No couchlock if I save half the joint for a couple hours later Lol!
Great circulation boost felt awesome and light on my feet. Was bouncing around the garden!
At 80% cloudy 15% amber, and 5% clear it is still amazing relaxing sleepytime meds
Careful letting her amber or you'll fall asleep after a few hits!
Otherwise, at this time or a little sooner she's gold for a day relaxed smoke too!
Oh.. and do yourself a favor and fix up a healthy snack beforehand, or you'll go straight for ANYTHING!

shout out to jm, the dragon rider behind the works of the strain crossing!
and all questions are warmly welcome, I know some wait for a strain like this out of everything smoked
cause it's such a different time to feel comfortable than to try and be super high, not that there's anything
wrong with that if that is your goal :] always unique and different ways to enjoy a very unique plant :]

Here are the pictures by harvest



Mar 9, 2014
Awesome review man. Im definitely going to get some of these beans when I get around to dragons. Thats and the stone lol.

Amazing job on those girls man. :kusht::slap:


Sir Tokesalot
Sep 15, 2014
somewhere north of down east
Those are beautiful Redd I was just looking at ordering some of blueberry dragon, I think it just made to top of the list.