BOG’s double potting technique (Bushy Old Grower of BOG seeds)

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Sep 1, 2014
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Rather than transplanting, BushyOldGrower (@BogSeeds) cuts the bottom out of the present pot, and places it in a larger pot partially filled with soil.

This image shows this technique, with the smaller pot having had its bottom inch removed.

Howtodou.jpg720x960 139 KB

The double potted plant is now ready to put on some new roots.

doublepo.jpg717x538 95.7 KB

buddha fett
makes a cut along the bottom and tapes it back up before he starts his plants to limit stress.

doublepp.jpg700x525 37.3 KB

Finally, a new spin on this Bushy Old Technique by Overgrow contributor eugene, who transplanted this grow bag onto a trough filled with soil. Its now ready to grow and SCroG.

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