Grow Battle Show Case 2019 Bomb Seeds Grower of the Year 2019 1st leg

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  • The Draw Your Favorite Staff Member Winner is TxRebel or Mark .

  • The Draw Your Favorite Staff Member 2nd place is Padawan1972 .

  • The Draw Your Favorite Staff Member 3rd place is RivetGrrl.

  • The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

  • The Holiday Recipe 2nd place winner is the green bandit.

  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.

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This Battle will be fought in the Biggest Grow Battle in the World 2019 thread.
All members will be Tagged in when it is Opened. Early Jan

BOMB Seed Grower of the Year 2019 Battle.

1st leg starts 1st Feb 2019 start

Team Leader @woody

Sponsored Battle Team

@St. Tom
@Bigg Al

Ok here is the schedule we'll be going by for Weekly Updates so mark it on your calendars.
Must have germ pic on or before official start date Feb. 1st with your germ process (soak, paper towel, rooter plug, direct planted, etc) with username, date, and the code Round 1 1/9 written on something in the pic.
Weekly Update Schedule
Week 1 updates February 1st - 7th (Germ for those that didn't start early and Week 1)
Week 2 updates February 8th - 14th
Week 3 updates February 15th - 21st
Week 4 updates February 22nd - 28th
Plant Choice March 1st -2nd
Week 5 updates March 1st - 7th
Week 6 updates March 8th - 14th
Week 7 updates March 15th - 21st
Week 8 updates March 22nd - 28th
Week 9 updates March 29th - April 4th
Week 10 updates April 5th - 11th
Week 11 updates April 12th - 18th
Week 12 updates April 19th - 25th
Final Pics Due April 26th - May 1st
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THC Bomb, G.S.C., Blackberry, Caramel, Euphoria, Amnesia, CandyDawg, Purple Stilton & Others
Seeds arrived safely...

THC Bomb Seeds.jpg

Grow Kit (Tent may change)

Lights indoor only nowadays
Lumatek Digital Dimmable Pro System, 600W 400v
600w 400v Dual spectrum enhanced bulb
600w Mars Hydro LED (old style), for side fill if required


4ft x 4ft x 6ft Tent (but I am looking to fit another in before Feb start)
Using Autopot system, Dual Grow & Bloom Res, Airdomes


Ferro Nutrients (Regional Adjusted) Charge, Plant Magic Mycorrhizae, Mammoth P
Soil & Pebbles, (Canna Terra Pro) - and a few secret additives :biggrin:

How long growing
25 years on and off outdoor (with mixed results), 5 years indoor

Bigg Al

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@Bigg Al updates

Weekly Update 2/1/19 Bigg Al Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] day 5:

Week 2 update
Bomb seed Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] day 12( bomb seed battle ,general battle)

New products used: Neem seed oil foliar spray, Soil balance probiotics


Week 3 update
Oh the girls had a rough week!! Found out the ph pen wasn't calibrated right and that was the cause of the issues i had. But all is better, not going to win any beauty contest but will push to finish line. Product used: sledge hammer flush: Flushed with 2 gallons of SH and 2 gallons plain pH water @6.03

BB#1 Day 25,

BB#2 battle plant day 19

New growth looks promising! Hopefully she'll pull thru, I just want to make it to finish line!

Week 4 update
Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] day 32 Berry bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] day 26 (This will be my plant for the battle)
Mega crop @ 2 grams and sweet candy @1 gram per gallon ph @6.30


Week 5 update
Bomb Seed Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG]
2 ml cal/mag 2 grams Mega Crop 1 gram of sweet candy 0.5 grams bud explosion 1 gram kelp 0.2 grams soil balance probiotics All ph @ 6.70


Week 6 update

Berry bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG]


Week 7 update

Day 61 Berry Bomb # 2
Changes made: drop the mega crop back down to 2.5 grams as 3 grams gave her tip burn. So, 2.5 grams MC 1.5 grams sweet candy, 1.5 grams bud explosion 2.5 ml kool bloom ph to 6.62


Week 8 update
Berry Bomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] Day 68


Week 9
Day 72 Bomb Seed Berry Bomb

Week 11 update

Bomb Seed/ General Battle

Berry Bomb # 2 Day 75

Dont think this one will be ready in 2 weeks. She still got something funky with her and I cant figure it out. But pushing her along.

Week 12 update

Bomb Seed Berry Bomb day 83

Still got a week or 2. Shes been trouble from the start but I kept with her until the end. Gave her a flush yesterday. 8 gallons water, then 1 gallon of liquid urb. 10 ml ph to 6.0. She's not going to win any beauty contest but will make it to the end.

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Where when did you apply @Bigg Al ...could you throw me a link...?
The General Growbattle first leg start 1st Feb 2019.

The Contest Ends 1st May 2019.

Any cross..any long as you can be ready to Poll on 1st May 2019.

Standard Battle Rules apply.

Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 .

Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers.

Sponsored Growbattles..where the Vendor provides the product will require a 50 post count to be considered.

The Official [HASHTAG]#growbattles[/HASHTAG] will have 2 legs/entry levels

The first leg will start 1st February 2019..finish poll 1st May 2019

The second leg will start 1st May 2019..finish poll 1st August 2019

[HASHTAG]#bookspaceinyourgrowroom[/HASHTAG] NOW..........:headbang:

There will be a two week germ period prior to the official start date.

A Battle code will be released by @Ripper 2 weeks prior to the Battle start date to be included in your germ photo

No entries will be accepted after the Battle start date..

Final pictures will include the full pot and plant. On the pot will be a 3x5 card or piece of paper with the growers name finish date and a specialized password that will be given by Ripper just prior to the grower taking final pictures.

Growers may grow however many plants they want but must choose their competition plant at the 30 day mark of the competition.

Drop your names in here.......:amazon:

Seed Sponsored Teams include

[HASHTAG]#bombseeds[/HASHTAG] Team

@St. Tom
@Bigg Al

[HASHTAG]#auto seeds[/HASHTAG] Team

1 Priority Place held for autoseed picked volunteer.

@Rev. Green Genes
@Vlad The Inhaler

@E Grower
@The Mugwamp
@the green bandit

Through that I was on the team cause of this. Guess I was wrong.


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Is this now a separate grow battle?

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I got my seeds they sent me photos by mistake its in hand as there are sending autos thanks Bomb seeds your awesome
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