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Rain Science

Auto Warrior
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Dec 28, 2018
I can answer that our material (which is green guard certified) doesn't absorb water. so it wont grow mold. Also it allows more oxygen to pass through for the same reason, as well as the fact that's its tight weave mesh, and not a matted material.Traditional growbags will actually allow the roots to circle sometimes, ours do not. Because it dries out a bit faster, you canwater/feed more (about 1 more watering per week average) .a big deal when it comes to AUTOs this leads to bigger yields, the extra aeration also helps tremendously with root rot and over watering issues. We are the only bag with a tapered design,(an inch bigger on top than bottom) which helps a bunch if you are transplanting. Along the same lines, our commercial version totes its seams on the outside which greater enhances the tapered design and doesn't give the roots anything to "grab" on the inside of the bag. we are also made in America, We are growers with a passion for the plant and the people who grow it.
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