Boveda 62%

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Camouflaged bro
Jun 17, 2015
I use a hygrometer until my bud is near the target humidity. I use the 59%, 62% is too damp for my liking, the 3% decrease makes a difference if you smoke bud straight from the jar. And I've had bud thought to long have been dry, still at 68-70% humidity several days later, requiring additional drying. Buy another meter, its cheaper than rotten bud............

Final humidity after curing is personal taste. I like the 59% for rolling joints. But I mostly vape and it doens't matter what the humidity is. In fact, the drier the better! I cure for 3 weeks to 2 months, depends on the strain. I find low odor strains develope wonderful aroma when cured longer
I got your advice months ago from Wile, and ever since my bud has been far stinkier and stronger.

You're the man pop.

Dry to 60% or a little below then jar


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Sep 5, 2016
May be your RH meter....or the bovedas might be waterlogged...are they really heavy?

It could be the case that they have absorbed all they can and need to offload some moisture.
Can you stick them in a cup of dry rice?