Bubba Cheese round 2!

  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
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who you trying to get crazy with ese?
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Oct 12, 2014
Will this be your first photoperiod grow ever or your first in a very long time?

It should be a fun one and will definitely make a massive change to you :pass:

For 70 day's in I would have liked to see a bit more bud growth but saying that they look healthy and have a potential to really take shape in the next few week :bong:

Imo this lady is going to go a minimum of 95 days possibly 100 day's @scally420 would you agree,going of previous crops/plants!

Thanks for the update buddy :bong:

Kind regards

I threw a few bag seeds in the dirt years ago and they all hermied other than that its been all autos, the bubba cheese is a bit behind because she wasn't getting enough light but she's really moving now, she'll definitely be a 100 day grow but she's looking good!