Bushmasterer15 Presents:Dedoverde Haze 2019

  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
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Feb 5, 2017

@St. Tom here is my final pic 82 days HSO Dedoverde Haze

@St tom week 10 update HSO Dedoverde Haze day 77 I think and just about finished.

@St. Tom here is my 9wk update HSO DEDOVERDE HAZE

here is week 7 update on the day 58 HSO Dedoverde Haze

Week 6 Update
Flower Light Schedule: 19/5
Watts per Plant in flower: 55 w
HSO Dedoverde Haze staying at 40 inches tall and HSO Lemon Juice Express staying at 36 inches tall. They are being a pleasure to grow.

here is week 5 update Dedoverde Haze and Lemon Juice Express both still shooting for the sky. Both are on the right side autopots.

@St. Tom week 4 update day 36 HSO Dedoverde Haze and Lemon Juice Express

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Bushmasterar15 Kit List
6 inch Vivosun carbon filter and exhaust fan
1 Secret Jardin Monkey fan 20 w oscillating
Autopot 3.9gal 4 pot system
5 Autocobs 3500k running 19/6
4x4 Mars Hydro Grow Tent
Greenleaf Megacrop, Sweet Candy
Green Life Microbial Chelator and Bloom booster
Earth Juice OilyCann Calmag
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