Can plants gain a smell during curing if they don`t have one before harvest?


Auto Warrior
Oct 26, 2019
I have some plants in flower that only smell like a flower. I am curious to know if they will develop gassy or fruity smells during or after drying and curing?


Sep 6, 2014
MD/DC area, USA
The simple answer to your question is: Yes, a plants can develop expected/desired, such as fruity, smells after drying and curing. Whether you eventually bring out expected/desired smells after curing depends on the strain and the many other variables involved.

Generally, cannabis will smell better (e.g., not hay-like; more as expected/desired) the better it is dried and cured. Overall, it seems that the brown bag drying method is favored to retain terpenes and related odors. Proper curing over time will generally get rid of a much of the objectionable smells/tastes, such as chlorophyll. If there were a simpler way to bring out expected/desired smells, we'd all already know and be using this.
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