Indoor Grow Candy Kush auto 2nd indoor grow

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Oct 15, 2019
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After a mediocre first indoor grow, giving it another try. Soaked two Growers Choice Candy Kush seeds last week for 16 hours, then to paper towels in a dark warm drawer. One germinated and the other is still trying. If it doesn't germinate in another day or two, it goes back in water. Thats what GC says to do anyways.?

Grow medium is ProMix HP 60%, perlite 40%

3 gallon cloth pots on risers. Picked up a washing machine drain pan for the floor of the tent

Lighting is 4x 50 watt cobs with lenses. Can go to 6x if the other seed pops

4" Iobonics variable speed exhaust fan with filter. Passive intake.

9'' circulating fan. These fans are inexpensive, last long and put out a lot of air. Just hang them upside down.

Nutrients are Greenleaf Mega Crop, Cal Mag Pro, Bud Explosion and Sweet Candy

Water is well water ph'd to 6.2 to 6.8

The set up lighting at 30 inches
day 2c.JPG

With her humidity dome on
day 2.JPG

With a bit of helmet. Haven't named her yet. This is day 2
day 2a.JPG
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