Cannabis Strains for PTSD

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Cannabis Seeds


Jul 30, 2016
Just saw this thread... tried to start one similar months ago but it never really took off.
As far as PTSD goes, many of us know it can manifest as different symptoms for each of us. That being said, I will have to agree with my man stylez regarding the afghan kush ryder, fantastic indica smoke that packs a hell of a medical benefit. I have found it to be great for PTSD related insomnia. Another good one for insomnia is Kush Van Stitch. This strain got me through some rough nights. To clear up a bit, when I say insomnia, I am generally referring to the nights when I sleep for only a short amount of time (1.5hr or less) only to wake suddenly in the middle of the night covered in sweat, pulse pounding and freezing my ass off. The KVS was a godsend for these nights. A couple quick hits and back to dreamland I would drift, typically for at least another 4 hours +. Karma Dragons will be next on the list hopefully for some heavy veteran testing here at my place. Cheers, L4

I am on disability for PTSD bipolar manic depression and some other s*** but anyhow definitely afghan cush Auto ryder was the first Autoflower that was in my


Jul 30, 2016
Right now I have an auto Northern Lights Auto sweet tooth Auto White Widow and THC bomb I'm kind of getting into different strains so I can have smoked for the daytime and smoke for the evening when it's time to go night night


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Jan 2, 2017
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For me, Indicas, generally. Especially Hindu/Afghan ancestry. Purple Kush, Bubba, Blueberry (ind) lines are usually a good bet.

I am pretty cautious with sativa/doms. That raciness that many love can trigger hyper-vigilance etc in me. That being said, I do like some of the things sat's have to offer, like motivation, sensory enhancement or a good trip.

Here are some Sativa/doms that are usually OK for me, anxiety wise.
Durban Poison
Jack Herer
Amnesia Haze
LSD (Barney's)
The first 2 are pretty good motivators and the others are not going to guarantee that anything useful is accomplished. Everyone's chemistry is different, so start experimenting.

If you haven't already, go to and search for PTSD. There's lots of good info there.
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Jan 19, 2016
This isn't one strain Perdue but a salad that works great for PTSD and insomnia.
Mephisto avt+fantasmo express+grape crinkle+3 bears og.
But they gotta be harvested really early. At like 30 days

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Feb 22, 2014
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My veteran friend would use the most psychoactive sativa dominant strains to address his. He said that unlike that rare possibility to affect schizophrenia negatively, it calmed his PTSD significantly. No particular terpenes as his taste had been compromised, but the high THC. Was workin with Breeder Steve's sweet island skunk last we spoke.


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May 26, 2017
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For me it is bubba or grandpa's breath. In the past year it has allowed me to get off of 7 of the 9 meds the VA prescribes to me
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