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Bomb Seeds

Cannazone Test Team to review Bomb Seeds strains!

Son of Hobbes

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Oct 8, 2012
@BombSeeds was generous enough to allow our Cannazone testing team to test ALL of their autoflower -and- photoperiod strains over the course of the next year or so. We are prepping our team and in a few weeks we hope to be starting with the grow and shows! Keep your eyes on this spot and check it out, we'll be growing every single auto strain they offer!

We're also implementing our new Cannazone review system which will also allow for very easy to find strain reviews for all breeders, which means LESS searching for you members and more of finding what you want!

Stay tuned to this thread!


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Sep 4, 2015
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Tester Introduction: budelee
First off id like to thank Bomb seeds for letting our team test their gear,ill do ya proud
.........about my gear,setup,and experience
  • Will be growing it coco coir using geo pot fabric pots ...2 gallon bags grow some monsters
  • Lights will be the traditional HID Meatal Halide 600watt for veg...600watt HPS for bloom..hanna ppm meter,bluelab pH meter
  • Nutes will be General Hydroponics KISS method/lucas feed with additional cal mag,silica and other variants,all will be documented
  • Experience: First Official Cannazone test however i have tested beans for our other vendors and have completed and documented multiple grows using both LST and HST methods and will confirm that autos can be trained like photos
Looking forward to working with the test team and growing some awesome Bomb Buds !!!!


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Jun 26, 2015
Hey fellas...though I am not part of this test, I was gratiously donated a few strains from bomb seeds which will be run next season outdoors. Be on the lookout starting in april for some monster Medibomb [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG], Widowbomb and Atomic, as well as an outdoor cherry bomb. Thanks a lot @BombSeeds
We'll also be seeing a cherry bomb under lights this winter!


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Mar 11, 2013
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:doh:... I'm not an official tester, but good, bad, middling, we report what we experience... To date, Atomic is the weakest mold resistant plant I have ever seen, in my grows or any others for that matter,.. unbelievable how susceptible it has shown to be! :cuss:... the least bit of mold promoting weather, and I'm having to carve bud out every single day, spending an hour scoping it top to bottom for new spots in an attempt to save 4 months of work! This plant is getting Si, and has been dosed with Actinovate (bacterial anti-fungal agent) 3 times in late veg/early bud to cover soon to be inner surfaces of buds, and still this is the result,... The other 6 strains had little to no issues from the short term weather problem,... Unacceptable in a poly-hybrid plant! Where's the resistance breeding in this strain?? ....What a shame too, because the bud quality looks great otherwise, but right now it's day to day on making the call to just hack it down immature or roll the dice again and see if she can finish even close to ripe,... Bomb makes no mention that about the mold resistance, though it's listed as outdoor approved,...:nono: It shouldn't be at all from what I see,... fair warning to OD growers,...