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Cheap no fan cobs


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Jun 14, 2019
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I was thinking of the singles cause you can put where you want. 3 in a 12" case doesn't seam efficient- but I'm no engineer. I've replaced all the flourescent lights in the bus with the diy strip lights and made video light with the same. Even made a solar powered sign for the track with some. I just haven't had time to investigate the grow light strips. It would be nice to make something that fit the space. Think I'll get single just to get the seedlings going and take the time to figure the strip things out. Maybe I can even run those off solar.
yup, one thing at a time...and there'z time enough for everything :thumbsup: ppp


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Jan 24, 2020
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I have very similar to this kind of chinese light and it is a nice light but one is not enough. I have the double and also the single. It's a good idea to use many singles for even light distribution but for heat distribution the multiple will work very good if you have wind blowing across the cooling fins on the side. If you have no air circulation it will be hot but not enough to boil water.

The light is has three components, passive heat sink, reflector and lens, COB.
The passive heatsink is very thin but wide and high quality for good heat spread, this is what you pay for and also it collect dust. The reflector and lens spread the light nicely and protect the COB against dust and is easy to clean, nice feature. The COB is the only high tech component and is an industrial mass produced COB with a driver built into the chip like household bulbs, connected directly to the plug so no need for a separate driver. The whole thing has a very industrial style and it looks like a chinese streetlight from bladerunner. I have no kill-a-watt or lux meter so don't know how bright it is but if you would make a frame and mount 9 singles to replace a 400 watt HPS and 50 watt ballast, with 450 watt of singles I guess you would have a nice setup if the airflow is good, it's a flood light so you can use them very close to canopy. The multiples are good too if space is a concern and you have good airflow.

To sum it up:
+ No moving parts
+ Easy to clean lens
+ Good heatsink
+ Cheap industrial COB
+ Removable metal bracket
+ Wire hanger or drilled holes for it
+ Plants like it but one is not enough

- Less efficient than the latest and greatest
- All lenses reduce light intensity

I like the build quality but have not a good comparison with other LED, I think the reduced intensity from the lens will compensate over time when leds without lenses get dirty. Maybe not the best yielding light but for quality plants this light is nice budget light.
Also the COB may differ slightly if it's the latest version but not by much, I think they upgrade these floodlights cause it's some kind of streetlight with a COB for greenhouses or so.