Coco grower first time review

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Auto Warrior
Mar 21, 2019
First time growing in coco this round and I gotta say it has been far my best run yet ?? Had anybody else switched from soil to coco and so the crazy difference!?
This round for me I was in a 4x4x8 tent
10 autoflowers
In 1.5 and 3 gals
EXTREMELY happy with the results
I have c4 by fast buds
Gelato tangie
By Dutch passion I have Colorado cookies and glueberry og.
Mephisto I have a 2 strawberry nuggets me and my wife growing together.
I had 2 purple rocberry by rocbud but didn't make it ! This is my 6th grow and gotta say my best one yet:)



Auto Warrior
Nov 1, 2018
Beautiful plants! I'm loving coco too.

May I ask, how did you begin those plants? Seed directly into coco? I usualy go in peat/perlite first, then transplant to coco but that's with photos... would like to try going directly into coco with my next seed which is an auto (already soaking)...