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New Grower Could really use some help! Sick plant


Auto Warrior
Apr 12, 2020
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I am soon at the end of my second growth ever. After my first growth using a 600hps I had so much trouble with heat that I swapped over to two 260w led QB's.

Ever since the roots hit the water I have had problems with root rot (sorted with rinsing the plant thoroughly, bleach cleaned the res 3 times and used large amounts of hydroguard) and defiancys. I am nearing 12 week now since germination and I am overdue harvest for about 3 weeks according to the website, I put this down to the root troubles I've been having.

Started using cal-mag at about week 6 due to bronze spots taking over the plant, I thought it was just the root problems and it didn't absorbe the nutrients good.
Now the problem keeps getting worse and worse in flowering and I am at my wits end i'm afraid.

Bronze spots is now starting to completely dominate the top part of my plant, the worst of them are so crispy that you can break them in half with a snap. The stems are slightly purple.
Main part of the leaves inside the canopy are green, darkish green and looking pretty healthy but top part is getting me pretty worried now.

Been using GHE with about 1/5-1/6 of the recommended dosage, and 150ppm worth of calmag.

about 20-22c inside tent
45-60% RH (using a demhumidifier but It can make the tent a bit warm so I turn it off if its hot outside)
ppm right now is 462 (and its NOT feeding! )
PH 5.8-6.1 its been pretty stabile lately, going a bit up
Using full power on the Led above the main plant and lowest notch on the one in the back. its maybe 30-40CM clearing between plant and light.

last week ppm was going down a bit and PH had to be corrected 5 times a day so I upped the nute in a waterrefill from 320-600 (it was eating fine at 500) and after it got to 600 it hasn't been feeding, I refilled some fresh water to about 549 and still not feeding, I took out some more water and added fresh ending at 462 but its still not feeding :(

I may add that the side were the discoloration and the leaves are worst is the one were I got two leds on it, the better looking side only got one (got a small plant growing at the back)

Anyone got some tips for a pretty stressed out and tired newbie? been battling with this plant for near 3 months now

I can add that the roots look fabulous, big rootball that looks pretty healthy!


Little Brother

Half-witted, underachieving observer...
Feb 3, 2020
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I don't know much about growing, but dirt can be very forgiving.


Growing strange,...
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Mar 11, 2013
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Looks like a mix of Ca and micronute defc.'s, but the past troubles shouldn't be causing this so much now,...
-- feeds seem a bit weak, pH OK,... no big sudden shifts you say,... roots now good....
Raise the light up to about 20" if you can, and get the base nutes to about 500 alone, Ca-Mg aside
damage is extensive, no "fixing" it, just hopefully halting progression!