Creme Stomper

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Auto Warrior
Sep 20, 2018
SeedBank : Mephisto

Strain: Chem Stomper (Creme de la Chem x Sour Stomper)

Did it autoflower?: yes

Soil/hydro: Oceanic Forrest and Black & Gold

Nectar For the Gods

Light (kind and schedule): 240 watts autocobs 24/7

From seed to harvest date: 81 days

Dry Yield: around 90 grams

High/Effect Duration: Diesel high,slightly sativa leaning.last about 3 hours

RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great

BAG APPEAL: 10/10 pics dont do it justice.You have to see this one in person...its a frost monster


THE SMELL: 10/10 real fruity smell...and sweet,kinda like candy.I would say it smells like fruity candy with diesel undertones

THE SMOKE: 10/10 fantastic.I call this one the Grape Diesel pheno because thats exactly what it tastes like and the high is definitely a diesel high.easily the best smelling and tasting Meph strain I've grown so far

: 10/10 this stuff is GAS.Just as potent as Port & Stilton but not racy like P&S can be.I would say its slighty sativa leaning,maybe 55/45 or 60/40.My girl is one of biggest weed critics in the world and even she loves this one.Its not my favorite because i prefer the pure sativa highs i get from Fugue State and Orange Biscuits but its definitely the best Meph strain I've grown so far.The high is really amazing.This one gets my vote to return at some point as a Limited Release(Orange Biscuits too)



Auto Warrior
Nov 8, 2017
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Gold Glue, Blue Toof Special, Stone Dragon, 24 Carat, Strawberry Nuggets Purple Pheno
As I recall, these were given out as untested freebies on the last Illuminauto drop. There have been some killer grows of late of those freebies. Whats not to love about grape diesel. Excellent report, in fact, all four were great, thanks for taking the time write your thoughts about these.