CT Lite.

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Nov 17, 2011
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CT Lite are an affordably-priced Chinese manufacturer with a strong track record for quality manufacturing and use of reliable, quality components. The C4 Cluster light combines red and blue 3W LEDs from EpiLED, along with two warm white (red dominant, 3000K) COBs and two cool white (blue dominant, 5000K) COBs. The combination provides excellent full cycle growth, for both bloom and veg. Our own test team have seen excellent results and reliability with this light. We tested this unit extensively to confirm that the reliability and build quality meets our expectations. You can also expect great quality results, healthy plants and excellent quality buds. The C4 Cluster uses 120W of power and has two internal cooling fans. Its a solidly built device, weighing 2.9Kg, and has two switches. One switch allows you to turn on the blue LEDs and cool-white COBs for veg growth. The other switch allows you to turn on just the red-dominant LEDs and COBs. And of course you can have both switches on, which uses all the 120W of light, during bloom.

cluster image.jpg

Cluster C4, 120W
You can buy your 120W Cluster C4 grow light here for €225, and you get a free €25 e-voucher to spend on the Dutch Passion website.

4 clusters.155.jpg

4-pack of Cluster C4. 480W
Some growers with 1m x 1m or 1.2 x1.2m grow rooms like to buy 4 of the Cluster C4 units which come with a purpose-designed cradle allowing you to hang them easily and conveniently.
You can buy your set of 4x C4 Cluster units (480W) here for €749. It’s an affordable way to get a good quality LED system into your tent, and you get a free e-voucher for €25 to spend on the Dutch Passion website.