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Jan 3, 2011
Yeah @fettled6 ..you got Regulars...?

Most growers wouldn't know what a male looked like now...:biggrin:..they are all Fems.

In fact..I've heard of some selling Regulars more expensive than Fems..coz you can breed from them...:headbang:..that was a culture turn around...:pass:

@FullDuplex could give you more insight than me on that one...:dragon4: ..watching the grows..I'd say Soon...

Good Luck on the house hunt @Slater :wizzy:
Seed sales will be coming this fall, i want to bring a stable auto to the table for release that will at least be uniformed as it can be. To stablize the JEM it took 7-8 generations and they are all looking alike these days. We currently have the F4 done and dried. I am starting 2 rounds of them, there is an OD selection going on at the farm and i will be doing an indoor here at the house now that i got all my paperwork done.

The ones on the farm will be the standard Anvil (ALF#5 Dragon line) Purple/black in bud and in leaf and IBL to F5. I am working the same structure here at the house except this one smells of wild berries. So they will be more for the indoor crowd they will also be F5. We currently have an F4 that is about ready to harvest seed that was a purple male against the dark bud and leaved females. These seed will go out as fems, i may release regs but i havent decided yet on them as they are my prize plant.

Purple Male

Mother carrying the seed
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