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@Mossy is correct. The paternal for ALF#5 is Dragon X Bubba Kush.

I used a Black Dragon F3 and crossed it to a bubba kush female. I have versions of the F5 cooking at the moment. White pheno selection is about 2 weeks from seed harvest and my Color on color line (Anvil) is just starting to show sex, the male is a little advanced compared to the females but i wanted to collect pollen to make the color on color cross soild.

Colored Male that will hit the immature females in a few weeks

Here is one of the F4 Females in a 2 gal container of ProMix

Im excited to see what the gram/watt is on this lot. I had 6 females in 4 pots in a 4x4 under the amare se500. Once they all finish i will get the dried grams and get a total number. Some are already chopped and there are 2 left.
Im so use to calling it alien life form this Anvil has to grow on me lol Still a cool name though.Me wantee!

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