Cutting/Trimming/Shaping Stations


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Jun 26, 2015
Hey thanks for posting the vid @budelee but unfortunately I cant view the vid :(
That wasn't the style of trimmer I was thinking! I was thinking more of this style:

This sounds like a decent list of materials

yeah to be honest you essentially have two options right now. hand manicure after a trim machine (if you like manicured buds) hits them for a cpl minutes,or hand trim from scratch. the machine will do a decent job it just smashes some of your meds to the flowers.but is a good option for less hand strength people like you and me.but i still hand trim. makes it tough too when its OD bud since sometimes they foxtail or might have an airy bud structure to them lending to much more work either way. but I would totally recommend getting one or two for large trim jobs.
My biggest issue is the "all at once" harvest that might be incoming this year...having to do 2 monsters back to back is brutal on my injured back/neck. I literally have to manicure for weeks(even 1 month +) straight at 8hours or more a day. If I could just remove fans in one step, power trim the sugar shake, and follow up with a quick final trim, man would it save my neck!

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Would love to hear what you think about the trimmer video I posted. I used to do very precision oriented work, and I am pretty sure I could build an effective fan trimmer

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Sep 17, 2013
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oh I have cured for months already. I know exactly how good my weed can get. the thing is ,is when you take it fresh from the vine and can give a short gassing off period and it smells ,tastes ,smokes very similar to a short cured bud. thats hard to achieve quickly.thats kind of my point. but I do long cures too sometimes. not in awhile but I have. and then its just other worldly man. I love it but usually my material dont stay put for that long.I usually make stuff soooo :D thanks man
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Nov 6, 2016
I utilize a bathroom that isn't needed. I have a 2x2 tent inside the shower stall for drying. I have a 4" fan/filter too, so odor is minimal. I also utilize a manual bud trimmer. Love that piece.
Are bud trimmers any good

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