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Dabpress bj6t35


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Jan 8, 2019
Just purchased a Dabpress 6 ton all in one unit. Very happy with the unit. Received it 5 days from order from their China factory due to no Canadian warehouse stock. Got the kit, including filters and pre press.

Plates heat up quick, maybe 5 minutes max. I’ve pressed a few different ways and now prefer doing 2-3.5g pucks at a time. I do 2 press on the Super Silver Haze and Durban Poison my buddy grew. Yields are around 14-15%. I don’t use the bags, find them to be a pain to use. I’m not getting enough flower contamination to worry about it. The press is smooth to operate, provides plenty of pressing force and looks real nice. I got quite the contact high as my first few presses bled through my parchment paper. I now double it up. It’s portable enough that I can easily bring it over to a buddy’s house to press.

I’ve been smoking the rosin out of an Incendio e dab rig with the firecoil. Very good smoke. Nice complete kit with a convenient carry case. Battery life is similar to a mod with 2 18650 batteries but goes a long time at 40w or 700F dabs. Glass bowl so concentrates don’t melt through coils. Easy to clean afterwards with some alcohol.

I recently bought some liquidizer and made thc vape juice. It’s excellent. Only way to go imho. Excellent head stone and I become very conversational. My face went tingly! Bought a cheap concentrate pen to vape with as I didn’t want to wait or be disappointed with ccells from China.

Highly recommend Dabpress!
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Oct 8, 2017
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Seedstockers AK420 auto
I am considering buying the exact same device so thanks a lot for the review! :cheers:
Still satisfied? :)