DCAT does Auto Ultimates in Kind Soil with Amare Solar Eclipse 300


Auto Warrior
Aug 27, 2015
So since my last kind soil grow did not go like I'd hoped, I figured I'll try again with fewer plants in a little bigger pot than last time.
Dropped 2 auto ultimates last week and as of these pics they are roughly 3 days old. Split one 5 pound bag of kind soil between the two 3 gallon pots and the rest is Biobizz light with added worm castings.
Since I added the window a/c unit to my grow room the temps rarely get above 80 F and humidity stays around 40% or a little more. Much better for growing I think.
Watering only with ph'd tap water that has usually sat out for a few days and adding a little Mammoth P additive. Will add nothing else unless they say they need it.