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Oct 11, 2017
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nice pal i have a pack of 5 of these im keen to see what yield you get off them what lights are yours under pal
:toke: :thanks: 3500 K Autocobs I have 2 BC going I feel she'll yield close to 100 dry and 150 for both the 1 was stomped by my size 12 on 2-11

Monday 3-19 she made a good recovery

St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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Nice to see the grow battle going well. Some monster plants being produced and some very pretty Dinafem/AutoDinafem girls on show :bong:

It's going take me a bit of time but I'll try to through the entire 60 pages to get caught up :thumbsup:

So far I'm seeing outstanding work :pass:

All the best

cheers mark my dinamex girl is a monster check her out a few pages back im hitting week 9 tmoz with her her colas are big and getting rock hard


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Jan 15, 2018
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Heyyy! So I must apologize for not posting last week, it’s hard to do so now because I have moved the plant off my property. They are now on a mates farm, which is quite far.

There’s someone watering the ladies for me... no nutes anymore unfortunately.

The ladies are filling out - two oldest have another week or two -

The three younger sisters are chugging along

Seems like I omitted the third lady:(.

Some close ups - they really smell delicious, very sweet and potent. Frosting up well, very calexy bud!

It’s horrible not being able to take care of my ladies as I used to. I’ll be able to visit around once every 10 days or so... the people there just water everyday. Anyways life’s been hectic, haven’t been able to get on AFN much at all. I’ll only post in this thread till I have time for more.

I can’t believe how much all the competition ladies have developed! They are all so damn beautiful [emoji7] it’s like a miss universe competition!! Peace out, good luck and positive thoughts [emoji1374]

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