GROW BATTLES Dinafem Grower of the Year 2. Leg!

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Jul 12, 2018
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Your gonna be an awesome boss i can tell already. Glad to be working for ya. Total understand the tequila.. toes are oww shit.
Nay, we all work together and have fun :toke:
I'll be learning the ropes, collecting data and keeping the vibe positive, no bad days in here.
Sorry to hear about the toes, that sucks!! I hope you heal fast and well, are you hobbled for a spell?

I'll be trying my hand at seeing how many plants I can kill outdoors this year too :smoking:add it to my indoor tally.
I want to play along so I'll be trying to germ one free Ocean Grown Cookies seed I got with a 'Tude order, I'll let the big boss know if I do so of course. And growing the Quick Kush and Quick Critical too.
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Keeping AFN a little weird
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Jul 12, 2018
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Greetings all, it's still a ways away but I'm itching to get going on the 2nd leg; I will be germinating a whack of seeds on April 17 :yoinks: gonna be rocking my tents.
Hope everyone is enjoying the current battles, or if waiting enjoying your own personal grows as well, or in addition to :smoking:

@E Grower
@dankstyle J
@idiopathic neuropathy

If each of you could please post up some info, I will thread mark it and this will be where I copy & paste your updates once this thread is locked and we join the Big Battle.

What I am looking for is your Kit:

Grow space:
(tent, room, etc).
Main light: (Manufacturer, is it COB, QB, HID, LED etc). I myself will be changing and adding lights so just the main source is fine.
Method and media: (Hydroponic, soil, system/pots).
Nutrient vendor: (No need to list all amendments, just the vendor like AN, GH, Greenleaf, etc)

I will be asking for additional details as each update is requested, so just some basics to get started is great please and thank you :toke:

As your seeds arrive, it would be fun to post up a picture as well and let me know you got them. I have one free seed of the Ocean Grown Cookies that I hope I have space for so I can play along as seeded (as long as it germinates and survives)!

As always, if anything looks funny @TheMongol please let me know. If anyone is confused feel free to ask any questions, and page 1 as always will have much of the info for the rules, etc. posted up.

E Grower

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Apr 2, 2018
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SAG Northern Lights Blue Glue & Zamnesia seeds Amnesia Haze
Tent 30"x30"x63"
Light MarsHydro Epistar LED
Method, Media hydro coco/perlite
Nutrient Vendor GH, Greenleaf, Adv.

My first photo grow.

April 30, 2019:
Seed drop photo
Dinafem Battle
Ocean Grown Cookies dropped in Coco with calmag precharge
Blueberry Cookies plain water drop

May 6, 2019:
Dinafem Battle 2
Week 1 update
Blueberry Cookies & Ocean Grown Cookies
Both in Coco/perlite with calmag precharge

Had to help seed cap removal on Blueberry Cookies

May 11, 2019:
Afternoon all :smoking:

Just stopped by to drop a load :rofl: none scented

Week 2 update round 2

They all received a splash of phed water @ 5.98

The photos below show how close I moved the gals :kiss: up towards the light. They were down on the brown crate the first 7 days

so they would stretch a little making early lst simpler.

May 15, 2019:
DinaFem Battle Blueberry & Ocean Grown Cookies

Update Week 3
Day 12 (actual)

Nothing added

Dinafem Battle
Week 5 update
Blueberry Cookies & Ocea Grown Cookies

Watered 2x with distilled H2O
Toped & mainlined

Dinafem Batle
Week 6 update
Blueberry Cookies (mainlined)
Ocean Grown Cookies (mainlined)

Dinafem Batle
Week 7 update
Fed 20 grams CaliMagic, Bloom, Micronutes & Megacrop.

Week 8 update
Dinafem Blueberry & OG Cookies
Feed: Florabloom, Floramicro,calimagic & Overdrive.


Dinafem Battle week 10 update

Blueberry Cookies & OG Cookies

Dinafem Battle week 11 update

Dinafem Battle week 12
Final pic
Blueberry Cookies
Mainlined, topped, 12/12 light cycle

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Dec 31, 2012
3x3x7 grow tent 5wks then outdoor
No name 400w hps. 3 300w mars hydros
Soil organic supersoil dte products
Organic + compost teas dte products
First organic outdoor

Germination, April 17, 2019:

@davisgirl my dinafem white cheese is battle plant cause shes auto but i dropped another blue cookies [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] just for show with my other dinafems. I guess i also post my battle plant in battle thread 2nd leg too.
heres my blue cookies dropped today
another blue widow
all my dinafem photos

April 25, 2019:
dinafem white cheese ready for battle. This one is easy, seeded, no journal for her. I know i you got germ pic already just letting ya know she made it. 10 for 10 germ rate on this last roundup

May 2, 2019:
Day 16, 15 ect.. girls are kickin ass, ahead of schedule. I still gotta get the fence built pots and cages set up. Bout to start scalping the first 4 or 5 nodes off each plant.
The blue widow knew it, she only grew 1 on first node.
so as of right now my plan is to scalp each plant up till the 4th node, then later after she grows to the 4th new node ill start my topping and do a shitload of it until early july. Things might change tho. Will see

May 5, 2019:
Dinafem blue cookies, blue widow, quick critical, og cookies and og cookies 2 all fimd day 20ish. Prolly transplant next week to 3 gallons then outside for awhile to get used to sun before putting in 45's, caged like beasts.

May 14, 2019:
Sorry for late updates guys, 10 plants might not be alot for some of you pros but these girls got my head spinning lol. So many now eating different feeds. But this is the easy one. My seeded dinafem white cheese i won back few months ago on best pic thread, anyways day 20 @davisgirl white square bucket

May 22, 2019:
Week 3 update. All my dinafem photos. Blue cookies, og cookies 1 and 2, blue widow, quik critical.
and my dinafem white cheese in battle. Fkd up and fed her 746 ppm on first real full water, with some already warm soil. We see what happens, she should be aight.

update week 3 i guess dont matter dinafem white cheese day 32 and i found a sack on her. I fed to heavy and she grews nutts on me. I only found 1 so i might keep might throw out. Will see
im not happy with the structure on her either so prolly throw away.To much space, not enough bud to be made off her. Hate throwin them out tho

@davisgirl@Dinafem-Mark all my dinafems day 50 labeled on cages. Cover crop seeds put in along with barley straw. Girls been foliar with neem seed meal, insect frass and kelp powder seeped and bubbled 2 hrs. Tomorrow the biggest lil one goes in a 15 gallon geo pot.
they all droopy cause its bedtime here

dinafem battle update. Blue cookies, og cookies, blue widow, quik critical. Started the girls compost tea this morning. Gonna let brew 36 hrs so be feeding them tomorrow night. The lil girls are autoseeds juicy Lucy in square bucket, Humboldt bubba kush auto in round bucket.
i will add kelp and alfalfa meal to brew for about 12 hrs in the morning.

@davisgirl dina cookies day 68 veg. Topped the blueberry cookies 12 more times, all her dominant shoots.should be done topping her.
9 more tops on og cookies.
Quik critical still flowering
a new girl a buddy gave me. I don't know what strain but she female and couldnt throw her away. She was pretty yellow, top dressed bio live and neem seed meal and compost tea.
all girls lookin good. 100 degree temps next few days.
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Sep 30, 2018
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HSO Chocolate Mint og
Hi all! Let’s do this thing!

Grow space: 5’x10’ grow tent
Main light: COBs with minimal side lighting in flower
Method and media: DWC
Nutrient vendor: Greenleaf, Green Life, Optic Foliar, Advanced Nutrients, BioAg, HydroOrganics

April 17 2019 Germination:

Yay!!! Everyone is invited to follow along and I’ll probably tag you later, but wanted to get this up for now —

April 19, 2019:
The seeds cracked after being soaked for 24 hours. I put them directly into Root Riots and set them in the tray. They’ll remain there until they poke through, then into the 5 gallon buckets they’ll go.

Day 3:

Day 16 and Blueberry hasn’t hit the water. I will probably start a new seed. OG has been hungry:


May 20, 2019:
Day 30

Ocean Grown Cookie —
Nice structure to her. A pleasure to grow:

Blueberry Cookie —
Slow going for her, she had a delay putting roots in the water, seems to be coming along otherwise though. She is my favorite:

Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookies at day 45:

Left the plants to their own devices for 10 days, no reservoir topoff and no pH checks or adjustments. Unbelievably, this one thrived. Probably should have flipped her before I left, she’s going to be a real bear height wise in flower.

Here is the plant that was not chosen, my Dinafem Blueberry Cookie, also at day 45. She struggled since early on, and the wild pH did her in. I will plant another in the third round.

Week 6:

Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie photoperiod, day 50 in DWC. She got flipped 5 days ago to 12/12 lighting. She gets about 250 ppm from CalMagPro plus another 650 ppm from everything else, mostly Megacrop at 4 gr/gal. She’s in about 5.5 gallons of nutrient solution and has a cob and a half all to herself. She weathered the vacation exceptionally well. I have been in and done some defoliation, but it is an ongoing effort. As she heads into this stretch I’ll be looking for more training opportunities. She’s a big big girl, almost 3 feet across. I haven’t started bloom nutes yet but I plan to add Bud Explosion into her next reservoir change, maxing out her ppm’s at 1050-1100. They all love the Heisenberg tea.

Front right:

Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie, day 61 —

A big robust healthy girl, she’s 2 weeks into 12/12 Lighting and pushing buds out all over. Yummy.

Here’s my budding beauties at day 67:

On the right:

Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie day 72

She’s doing good, I’m running her at 1050 ppm and about 78F. She’s getting Megacrop, Bud Explosion, CalMagPro, Sweet Candy, Kelp extract, Enhance MC and my very own Heisenberg tea. Humidity is running a bit high, I make sure it doesn’t go over 55 percent, but the dehumidifier is working full time at that. Funny, and in the winter it’s 20% rH all season long. <slap head emoji>

I was in a funk last week and didn’t take good care of her. Her pH mysteriously went down to 3.2. <slap head emoji>
. Looks like I got a pass from the grow God’s this time because she looks pretty good, but I’m disappointed in myself as this is a fucking grow battle running sponsored seed and dammit — I know better. Y’all trained me up better than this and she could have looked a lot better.

Anyways, feast your eyes upon my little pretty — she is sharing 6 COBs with her HSO sister and they get a total of about 3 hours a day under the UVA lamp. I’m running these at about 14” and it’s tight.

Week 10 Update, day 75 for my Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie:

Week 10 Day 80 for my Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie, she’ll go a “few” more weeks. :rofl: The tent smells nice. :baked:

Day 90 for my Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie, day 45 of flower. She has put on a lot of bulk on her buds, but she will still go a few more weeks. She looks claw-y all of a sudden. I’m going to back off on her Megacrop. Everything else is in line.

Here she is on the right:

Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie on day 94. She will go another 2 weeks or so. She’s big and smelly, just like I like em. :eyebrows::rofl:

Happy harvesting!
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idiopathic neuropathy

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Gladiator level 1
Dec 20, 2017
Grow Space 4x8x6
Light cree cxb3590 600w
Method & media. 1st run living soil

April 21, 2019:
Germination ----photoperiod dinafem og cookies(3) andblueberry cookies(3)
Filtered water with granular mycorrhiza

April 27, 2019:
6 for 6 germinated with 1 runt in the middle back row. Full steam ahead

May 4, 2019:
Weekly update. Dinafem Blueberry Cookies


Transplanted to one gallon along with granular mycorrhiza

Top dressed compost and vermicompost 1:1

Watered in fish hydrolysate, micro nutrients, humic, em-1, and beauveria bassiana with plain water in between

Topped with straw

May 11, 2019:

Top Row= Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookies
Bottom Row= Dinafem Blueberry Cookies

This week I added 200w of 3k cobs. A couple of foliar sprays of kelptea and the rest plain water.

May 19, 2019:
Wk 3 update ~25days
DINAFEM Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies

I was a bit late on my projectedtransplant(65 gallon top picture & 10 gallon pots bottom picture) so I've been chasing a small calcium deficiency. This week I top dressed some gypsum, a few foliar sprays with kelp and water soluble calcium. Plainwater all week, one of waterings including a filet of Aloe Vera. Tonight I'll sow in a covercrop, top dress some compost and add a mulch layer.

Week 4 update ~33days
DINAFEMOcean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies

Sowed in
Common oats
hairy vetch
Field pea

Top dressed
Kelp meal
Alfalfa meal
Crustacean meal
Fish bone flour
Karanja cake
Malted barley
Thermal compost

Soil Covered with oat straw inoculated with blue oyster mycelium

Some defoliation and plain water

Goty leg 2 battle plant izzzzz

Dianafem Blueberry Cookies-----here she is on the catwalk-------


Forgot to mention I topped her a week or so ago and last night flipped to 12/12.

~ 42 days Dinafem Photoperiod Ocean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies

I Finally had some time to show the whole tent with the progress of these Dinafem beauties and relate how easy the vegetative stage has gone. All plants have grown consistently with the same structure, except for one ----but you know there always has to be one. But, that one Blueberry Cookie plant stretched approximately double the size of the other cookie plants, even after topping her(1st picture far right)...I wish I could put her outside because she would be a beast. I know some growers wish they had such problems! Here are some pics of the whole grow tent. Love these Dinafem gals.


~ 49 days Dinafem Photoperiod Ocean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies
10 days on 12/12

Dinafem Grow has been easy and smooth. Just wish I had some more room---these girls like to cuddle.

Week update 7. ~ 56 days Dinafem Photoperiod Ocean Grown Cookies and Blueberry Cookies

Plain water mostly all week with one including the addition of coconut water power and em1. One of the blue Cookies was getting chopped up a bit by the oscillating fan so those branches were bent to accommodate the movement. Lights were raised almost all the way and potentiometers were all turned to 100%. Fungus gnats showed up unanounced a few days ago!

DINAFEM Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies update week 8 ~ 65 days


DINAFEM Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies update week 9 ~ 70 days

Plain filtered water all week including some aloe and aminos. I started to have some leafs dropping and yellowing on the lowers which I thought was just nutrient uptake troubles from fungus gnat larva. But after two applications of nematodes and near eradication the problem is progressing upward. It definitely looks like a PK deficiency. So this week I'll do a slurry test to check ph and decide a mode of action to push them through this last month of flower.


Battle plant circled lower left in 1st picture.

DINAFEM Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies update week 10 ~ 75 days, approx 37 days in 12/12.

The soil ph ended up being in range. So this week I added some mammoth p as well as a little bio bloom and aloe.


GOTY LEG 2. Week 11 update

DINAFEM Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies

~ 80 days, ~42 days in 12/12.

Aloe, bio bloom , micro nutrients, aminos and em1. And plain water the rest of the week. As I get some better photos up I think we can all agree I chose the wrong battle plant.

Final pic----GOTY LEG 2

Dinafem Blueberry Cookies Photoperiod
I could of ran it another week or two longer and it was so floppy I had to use yo-yos just to take the photo.


88 days and 50 days in flower

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Jul 12, 2018
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Good to see ya'll eager and ready to go :d5:

Tent 30"x30"x63"
Light MarsHydro Epistar LED
Method, Media hydro coco/perlite
Nutrient Vendor GH, Greenleaf, Adv.

My first photo grow.
Thank you E Grower, I hope you like photo's, they are my first love. Any questions there is lots of help here and a few photo growers.
It's only near the end that the paranoia sets in, we start killing each other with sharpened sticks and everything is in flames.
Oops never mind, that's Lord of the Flies.
We'll all do fabulously :smoking:

3x3x7 grow tent 5wks then outdoor
No name 400w hps. 3 300w mars hydros
Soil organic supersoil dte products
Organic + compost teas dte products
First organic outdoor
Thank you my man :toke:

Hi all! Let’s do this thing!
View attachment 1034641
Grow space: 5’x10’ grow tent
Main light: COBs with minimal side lighting in flower
Method and media: DWC
Nutrient vendor: Greenleaf, Green Life, Optic Foliar, Advanced Nutrients, BioAg, HydroOrganics
Thank you, 'me lady, but how did you get a gif of me after I get the munchies?
It's terribly embarrassing, and my hair is no longer blue. Tsk tsk :shrug:


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Nov 23, 2016
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Blueberry Cookies, Lemon Juice Express, OG Cookies
4x4 Grow Room
260 Watt Quantum Board
No nutes just a 3 time during the grow.

April 28, 2019:
Here is my drop.

May 6, 2019:
Dinafem Update.

May 14, 2019:
Update you requested ma am. Almost ready to top.

May 19, 2019:
Dinafem Update. Blueberry in front OG in back right.

Dinafem update.

@davisgirl In their new home OG is on the right Blueberry on the left.

Week 6 —
Dinafem update.

@davisgirl Dinafem update.

Cookies update.


Cookies update.

Here is my update are we supposed to have final pics done for the cookies plants today? If so use this pic because I am a bit out on finish. Blueberry on the left OG on the right.

Here you go final pic.

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