DinaFem Moby Dick Auto Smoke Report

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Check Journal if you want details to the grow it is linked in my SIG here is my smoke report for Moby Dick Auto by DinaFem.

Smoke report for Dinafem Moby Dick Auto- Buds are very dense but fluffy takes to the grinder very nicely her smell is really earthy with some musk. Smoke is very smooth with a tiny,tiny,tiny hint of sweet berry but for the most part it has a very earthy flavor much the same as the smell of the flower. Her stone is very uplifting and energizing she hits hard behind the eyes and in the gut for the first 15 minutes and then mellows out into a nice mind and body high, Moby to me really lifts a depression cloud and is good for pain and as I said is really a energized high if you need motivation and something to help you tackle the day Moby is definitely a wake and bake smoke, gets a 4/5 from me :D
12.20.16 005.JPG
12.20.16 001.JPG


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Nov 26, 2015
Great write up/smoke report mate and very nice to hear that one of our strains is providing relief :pass:

Thanks for the smoke report mate this is very useful for new growers of this strain, it will give an insight into what to expect, finished product wise :slap:

Nice job and enjoy that end product :bong:

All the best