Dinafem White Widow Auto

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Jeff in Canada

Auto Warrior
Dec 29, 2015
Note: this grow took place November, December 2016, January 2017.
SeedBank : Dinafem
Strain: White Widow Auto
Did it autoflower?: Yes, first noticed pre-flower hairs at 16 days
Soil/hydro: Promix, premium potting mix with a 3/4 inch layer of extruded clay balls on top.
Nutes: 2-7-7 Shultz catus liquid plant food (ya, I know, laugh all ya want). I applied it 2 times during the whole grow.
Light (kind and schedule): Four 2 foot fluorescent tube fixture on chains with a wack of compact flourescents clamp lights hanging from it (see cabinet photo below). 19-5 the whole grow.
From seed to harvest date: Harvested at 75 Days
Dry Yield: 64 grams
High/Effect Duration: Quality stuff man.
Details: Cabinet grow set-up. Other than the seeds and carbon filter/fan I bought everything at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. I did have some leaf yellowing and slightly burnt looking edges starting around day 20 to day 30. I'm not 100% what caused this but some great Catus nutes, a doze of Epsom Salts and letting the soil dry out better between waterings cured it. The plant had a real big long cola. I'm wondering if this is normal or if my grow environment caused it somehow, not that it is a complaint. Final height of the entire plant was 27 inches (69 cm).

RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good
***** very happy with this stuff
***** I'd buy it
***** grew like a bad weed
THE SMELL: *****
***** not a real stinky plant but the stuff smells great!
THE SMOKE: *****
***** love it
THE HIGH: *****
***** love it

Some photos below

At 25 Days

At 55 Days

Harvest 75 Days

The Cabinet- photo not from this grow


Auto Warrior
AFN Authorized Vendor
Nov 26, 2015
This just goes to show that with a small area and the will to succeed you will :pass:

Lovely looking cabinet and a big beautiful plant come harvest .

Thank you for doing a smoke report my friend. I love it when growers of our strains go the extra step and give their thoughts on the end product :pass:

Thank you mate and thank you for putting this diary in a day + smoke report together, thoroughly enjoyed the read :thumbsup:

All the best

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