Dinafem White Widow Auto


Auto Warrior
Jul 7, 2019
loftgrowsoldier submitted a new Showcase Item:

Dinafem White Widow Auto

A very forgiving plant to grow, good for a first time grower.
My 2 plants were very short as per dinafems description and perfect for a small tent.
Yield was ok, 40+grams per plant. The buds were all very dense and well formed, and the smell after a month in the jars is lovley, Hints of pine earthyness and oldskool skunk, With hints of citrus, and weird back note of chedder cheese!(maybe to do with the crossing of genetics to get an auto?)

I wouldn't say it was a typical coffee shop white widow as I remember it(although when widow was prevailent I was generally too high to remember any fine details!)
Check out my grow diary below for any details.

The smoke is where it really matters! and im pleased to say these 2 phenos have produced a lovley social smoke if you know what I mean? Conversation flows, with plentiful stupidity and childish humour! Which is what I want when smoking with friends. That doesn't mean it doesn't hit hard, it certainly creeps, and as the evening goes on it gets very quite!! The body stone kicks in and a more indica heavy stone takes over, Not unpleasant at all and nothing a bar of chocolate and some haribos doesn't fix...The munchies are savage! Everyone who has tried it has said the same thing, get stocked up on food.
Its overall a very good,smooth, strong smoke, that simply gets you high as fuck.

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