New Grower Dinafem White Widow XXL


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Jul 28, 2019
I’m just starting my second ever grow. Dropped my WW XXL beans in a cup of water for 24hrs and the straight in to 11L fabric pots. Using BioBizz Light mix. I had pre soaked the Light mix with ph’d water and Biobizz root juice (1ml per Litre) before popping in the beans. Beans went in to the soil on 26/10 and broke ground this morning. But as they are barely up I’ll take tomorrow as day 1.

Growing under a Spider Farmer SF1000, my last grow was under a Meihzi 600w (277w from wall) blurple, so no preview experience with a QB - hope it doesn’t cook my seedlings!



I have a feeling (based on some other journals of this strain) that I’m going to have a very full little tent! I’ve got a Scrog net on the way, never used one before so will probably make some mistakes. Hopefully you guys can help me out if anything looks wrong!
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