Completed Dinafem's 2019 Solo Cup Challenge .....Bonus competition best final pic

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Photo contest

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Feb 23, 2014

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Simple Rules for Dinafem Solo Cup Competition.

The concept is to grow a strain soley in the Solo Cup, The roots must be contained in the container and can not be used as a net pot for hydro style grows.

Sponsored Growers will complete a Minimum of 1 weekly photo update for the duration of their Grow.

Competition will run from August 2019 to Jan 2020.

Germination and Final photo must include a piece of paper with the Code:

We Love Dinafem; User Name and Strain Name.

Winner will be decided by Member Poll Jan 2020.

Winners will be announced/selected by January 31st 2020

All the best :bong:



Gladiators ready :tang: @RivetGrrl @The Mugwamp @St. Tom @Only1Sky @Beerhunter CDN @AJrexxx @Totogrowuk @Trooperwife @Mañ'O'Green @Fitzy @bushmasterar15 @db003 @Waira @hairyman @hope2grow @bluntz @woody @Bigg Al @pop22 @MR magoo @MesaBoogie
Lets see some sparkles folks :smokeit:
What to do ? just post a pic :thumbsup:

post a final pic each :photog: if you had 2 or more plants,please post them seperately :photog::photog::photog: :toke:
How to vote ? click on the gallery/thumbnail pic,if you like it "like" it :d5: thats a vote :greencheck:
if not,back up the top and click on the next gallery pic that takes your eye :lol:
Voting starts as soon as the first pic is posted :superhero: thread will be locked in 7 days :frowny: can still vote to the end :greencheck:

Good Luck everyone :goodluck:
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