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Double grape isn’t very grapey?


"We have met the enemy, ....... And He, is Us!
Oct 21, 2017
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Ghost Toof, Forum Stomper
I've searched for and bought a lot of souvenirs over the years, some simply for reputation, some because of a strains "reported" smell or flavor....
I've finally decided most claims are just merchandising terms used to create more sales and seldom reach an advertised result....but I remain hopeful even with some hyped breeders appear to be pushing out inconsistent strains by exaggerated claims .... I understand different phenos but does that actually explain some poor results?
Being a small grower, starting 3-5 plants per month, I'm always adjusting the que, of course based on previous grow results. Appears some of my collection is falling to a lower tier selection but I still love growing my weed and searching....
Just finished a ghost toof, double grape, northern cheese haze, 4 assed monkey.....if they weren't labeled, they were hard to differentiate in looks, smell or taste...all were good smoke but I do wish they'd actually be close to advertised.
We each get our different results no matter which strain we grow. But I honestly can't imagine that you couldn't differentiate between those strains you mentioned. I've grown each of them, and I can tell that each is different just by looking at the bud structure. I will admit that NCH had no aromas at all, for me. Kinda a disappointment, but that proves my point, lots of other people love NCH, I mean LOTS. It didn't do jack for me. LOL. Ended up turning it all into edibles. Made good ones, too. LOL