Drying in a brown bag

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Sep 6, 2014
I use free boxes from the US Postal Service. And I punch some holes for ventilation, or leave the box not fully sealed.
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Mar 4, 2019
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I use a combination of hang dry and large paper bag methods:

I wet trim, then hang to dry 3-4 days until I can hear the stem sorta crack - but its still pliable for the most part. I then put the buds in a large brown grocery store bag laid out horizontal (not standing up) and held closed with a clothes pin under a gentle ceiling fan. I rotate contents a couple of times and do this for around two days until buds feel dry but still give in to light pressure.

After I trim off the stems and jar, I check the moisture content with small hygrometers. If I see the rh% over 70%, I'll put them back in the brown bag another day. Ideally, I like to jar and start my curing process when the rh% is around 65% and start curing/burping from there. Finally, I long term store with a 62% Boveda pack after several weeks of curing.

For sure, there are as many various curing methods as there are growers out there. Each of us develops our own special touches over time.