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Dutch Passion Glueberry OG and Cinderella Jack with Skyline LEDs from LED Hydroponics


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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Welcome to my latest grow!

Many thanks to @DutchPassionTony - he sent me some lovely Dutch Passion beans for growing a 506g Daiquiri Lime, that appeared on the DP blog.
I was so tempted to grow the Desfrans, and some more Night Queen would have been nice, but I decided on the Glueberry OG and Cinderella Jack..... 2 of each.

Auto Cinderella Jack is a feminized auto variety created in collaboration with Buddha Seeds. The parent genetics were selected exclusively on THC levels and nothing else. Professional lab analysis was used at each stage of breeding to confirm high THC foundation genetics over several generations and all individuals.
Originally this project began with selected crossing of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. The auto genetics came from the Magnum genetic line which ensures harvest quantities are well above average. With THC levels of 20%++ this is allegedly one of the most potent auto varieties currently available so we shall see! @912GreenSkell nailed it for me when he told me how frosty they get.

Glueberry OG is a cross of (Gorrila Glue x OG) with a stable Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry to ensure the same taste and effect as her hard hitting photoperiod sister..... subtle Diesel hints and fruity Blueberry tones. Again THC levels over 20% are possible, as are monster harvests. @Hansbricks grew a 545g specimen, so I'm hoping for a good few full jars after this!

Back on November 26th I set up three 20L airpots with H&G Coco and soaked them in a EC 0.7 nute mix. I planted 2x Glueberries and one Cinderella Jack and covered the pots with cling film and some dark card, leaving them under a couple of Skyline 400W LEDs for warmth.

I would have planted another one, but I ran out of Coco..... not for the first time.

Anyway, these 3 popped their heads out of the Coco on the 29th..... spot on 3 days as usual. I ordered some more Coco, took about 10 days to arrive, so I planted another Cinderella Jack on 6th December.

Now my germination technique is almost 100% successful, only one time I fucked up and that was because I let the Coco dry out during germination. Usually I see the surface of the Coco rise and break up just before the seedling pops up, usually 2-3 days after planting.

Unfortunately, with this one, the surface bumped up a little, but after 7 days, on the 13th Dec, nothing had popped through. I decided to excavate, very gently just to the side of the bump in the Coco. I found the seedling, it had doubled up on itself, and was growing downwards....... so I dug a little deeper, and teased out the head of the seedling without touching any of the root. I then packed in the Coco and supported the little seedling with a matchstick and finally put the clingfilm back over it to up the humidity.

Over the next few days I tried propping her up bit by bit, watering carefully with a 50ml syringe and by day 7 she was looking more like a normal seedling! She's 14 days younger than the others, but looking very healthy.

Christmas was handy, 5 days off meant I could get as caned as possible, but also allowed me to spend time with my loved ones..... my plants.

The Glueberries were getting pretty bushy , and needed some attention. I have removed quite a few leaves from the Glueberries, mainly to allow light into the depths of the plant, they both have gone mad branching out, and I want to expose all potential bud sites to the light, and maximise airflow. Ambient temps are in the low 30Cs...... Summer is here, and it's cooking! Temps in the tent can hit 34C even with LEDs, so I luckily I picked the only room in the house with an air con unit. I run it mainly during the mid part of the day when its hottest and it brings the temps down to around 24C. I have my lights on 24/0.

Here they are then, taken on day 28 (day 14 for the CJ2)....
day 28 group.JPG

The Glueberries are at the back. The 3 older plants each have a Skyline 400W unit, and the CJ2 is just getting spread from those 3 LEDs. I didn't want to give her direct light until she really needs it to keep my temps down.

Here's some close ups......

First GB1. She's gonna be the big one for this grow, so I've staked her out and removed heaps of leaves. Dutch Passion reports that this strain is good for SCROG grows, and I can see why. I've practically supercropped the lower branches, and it's tempting to throw a net over and supercrop the main stem and higher branches as well..... but I'm not gonna.
day 28 GG1.JPG

Next the GB2.... a tiny bit behind the GB1, but still plenty of potential.
Day 28 GG2.JPG

You can see how dense those leaves are getting.... I have taken a few more away since this pic was taken.

CJ1 is a completely different looking plant.... thin leaves and not so bushy, but loads going on in there......
day 28 CJ1.JPG

Lastly the CJ2, 2 weeks younger than the others....
day 14 CJ2.JPG

You'd never guess she had such a difficult birth. She is growing very vigorously, and 2 days later, today, she looked twice the size.

Another update in a moment........
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Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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Back again!

This is another update, from last week....... it's day 34 for most of them, except the Cindy Jack 2 which is 20 days old.

Together as a group....
day 34 group.JPG

clockwise from top: GB2, CJ1, CJ2, GB1

Here's Glueberry 1 from above, showing heaps of tops.....
day 34 gb1 1.JPG

Viewed from the side, she again shows she has great potential....
day 34 gb1 2.JPG

Glueberry 2 is a tiny bit behind the GB1, but she's just as busy under those big fan leaves. From above, she has that classic square shape....
day 34 gb2 1.JPG

I really have to get in there to stake her out a bit and cut some more leaves off in order to make the most out of her.
day 34 gb2 2.JPG

Cinderella Jack 1 is really filling out. She is the biggest of my girls at this stage, and again has that lovely square shape....
day 34 cj1 1.JPG

She also needs a good staking out. Although she is bigger than the others, her stems are much thinner and not as stiff. I think she'll respond well to a good bondage session.

From the side you can see there's a lot happening in there......
day 34 cj1 2.JPG

The Glueberries and Cindy Jack 1 are on a House and Garden nute and additive mix made up of EC 0 rainwater with 0.2ml/L Cal-Mag, 0.3ml/L A&B (making it EC 0.5), plus 0.1ml/L Drip Clean, 0.3ml/L Roots Excellurator, 1ml/L Multizyme, 0.4ml/L Amino Treatment, and 0.4ml/L Nitrogen Boost making a final EC of 1.0 adjusted down to pH 5.8.

Lastly, the CJ2, only 20 days old, but so healthy and vigorous (and square).....
day 20 cj2  1.JPG

She is looking to be a big girl after having been rescued from the dead as a seedling.

I have her on an EC 0.9 nute mix similar to the mix for the other plants (except the Amino Treatment is at 0.2m/L), and she still doesn't have direct light, she just gets the spread from the other 3 plants' LEDs.

I rotate her by a quarter turn a day and tuck the big fans in which seems to be making her side stems grow a bit more.
day 20 cj2  2.JPG

That's it for the recap updates, I'll do a new update later this weekend!

Until then, all the best of growing karma to you all for the New Year!


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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It's not been long since the last update, but it's the weekend, this brings us fully up to date, and I wont' get another chance for a week or so.....

It's day 41 and here they are...
day 41 group.JPG

clockwise from top left GB1, GB2, CJ1 and CJ2

A closer look at Glueberry 1 shows she's started stretch and is in early flower, hopefully all those lower bud tips should bulk up.
day 41 GB1.JPG

Glueberry 2 is also starting to stretch, I haven't staked her out as I just wanted to keep it simple and just remove a few large fan leaves here and there to expose the tips.
day 41 GB2.JPG

Cinderella Jack 1 is a big bushy girl, not as advanced in flowering compared to the Glueberries, but she seems to bee concentrating on growing heaps of tips and sideshoots. Early flowers are there, but no stretching just yet.
day 41 CJ1.JPG

Cindy Jack 2 is 2 weeks younger than the rest, so day 27. I've noticed this before when I have grown an extra plant a couple of weeks after some others.... the young 'un starts flowering earlier. This one is doing the same, so I am trying to keep her in veg as long as possible before she stops growing. Basically I have increased Nitrogen Boost to 0.5ml/L.
day 27 CJ2.JPG

That's it for this week, hope you are all having a lovely stoney weekend!