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Dutch Passion Glueberry OG and Cinderella Jack with Skyline LEDs from LED Hydroponics


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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you need one more skyline in that tent.
I have one on order Bro. I just put up my Helios 6 over the CJ2.

Gonna tag along for this!:passit:
cheers Scally, drop in anytime Bro.

These four are going to be big!
Interesting what you say about a later plant to the tent flowering earlier.
She seems to want to catch up to the big sisters, haha.
Are you going to defol at all, at least down low?
Hey Maria, I have been doing a mix of light defoliation and tucking while they are in veg, but once those flowers get a bit more established, I'll give them a good clear out down below. I had another trim session just now, but I don't like to do too much at any one time cos I don't want them to stress out and stop growing for 2-3 days at such a crucial time....I want to get them to stretch as much as possible.
I don't think these are gonna be MASSIVE though, nothing looks like they'll give more than 10oz, but you never know..... the 3 older ones are full of side shoots, all looking to bud up. The CJ2 will be just a space filler, I never seem to get a huge amount out of the late developers.


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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Hi again, another weekly update, it's day 47 and I'm finding the Cindy Jack's to be a bit difficult. CJ2 is very poorly, I gave her a trim then she stopped growing and all her leaves went yellow, so I've put her to one side. I might have a go at reviving her, but to be honest, water is a precious commodity at the moment....

We don't have a domestic main water supply, instead we rely on rainwater, and have a 5000 gal tank under the house to collect rain, when it fills up, it pumps the whole tank up to the main 25000 gal tank up the hill, then gravity feeds the house. In the 4 months we've been there, that tank under the house has pumped up 4 times, to the main tank, so 20000 gallons has fallen on us in the last 4 months! But now the rain has stopped, and it's summer, so it's dry as a bone and temps up in the high 30's.

Plenty of water, you might think, 20000 gallons plus whatever was in there, it must have been full.

Then the landlord decided to get this Pauline Hanson loving (look her up) wanker from Queensland (apologies to @hecno and @orrganic) to make some electric fences, he stayed 3 nights in the jungle at the bottom of the hill. One morning, we were woken up by the sound of a boom, and a plume of white smoke...... he'd lit a camp fire and forgot he'd left a gas cylinder near it.

Anyway, for some reason, he pulled out a pipe from the main tank, turned a stopcock and let the entire lot piss down the hill.

Just before Christmas, the (normally very high pressure) water became a dribble, and then we found out what had happened..... anyway to cut a long story short, we had 4000 Gals brought in by a water tanker truck and pumped up to the main tank.... a drop in the ocean, but enough to get us through till the rain comes. Problem is that's chlorinated water from the nearby town, EC 0.1 as opposed to my usual pure(ish) EC 0 rainwater.

Still, it's lovely weather, it's scorchio the moment the sun comes up, and every morning I see this out the bathroom window as I take a dump.....

Each of the boards are 13cm wide, you do the maths.

Joanna the Goanna is a monitor lizard, one of many hanging round the property. This isn't the biggest one, I've seen one that looked like a bloody crocodlie wandering up the driveway once. I think it's because of them we don't see many snakes..... that's not to say there aren't any around, cos I found a python skin round the side of the house this very morning, and it was fat.

Anyway......... to summarize, I don't have enough water to give CJ2 the care and flushes and separate feeds etc that she needs :(

CJ1 is slowing down, she started flowering then when the others started to stretch, she didn't. Her leaves are (and have always been) very thin and light green, and the new tip leaves are pale at the tips.... her flowers don't seem to have changed much this week and she doesn't seem to be drinking much either.

day 47 CJ1.JPG

She looks OK but she could be better. I might give her some kelp and see if she needs some micronutrients. I gave her a bit of a trim up before I took this pic this arvo.

The Glueberries are doing really well, GB2 first.....

day 47 GB2.JPG

She's stretched nicely and has some nice looking colas forming.

Then there's the massive GB1.....

day 47 GB1.JPG

in a way, I'm glad the CJ2 is laying low, there's not much room for her. The GB1 is taking up a fair amount of the tent! She has got heaps of blooms forming.

day 47 group.JPG

GB1 on the left and the GB2 at the back with CJ1 in front.

I have another Skyline 400W on order, so I'm looking forward to getting more light on the GB1. Fingers crossed there might be another monster on the way!

Thanks for looking in!
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Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
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Cheers @Ribbzzy mate, haven't seen you in a while/ Hope you're good, man.
I'm writing this post with a nasty looking spider, that makes a web every night, right outside the window behind me.....

...every night it's there, hanging about, looking over my shoulder. The window's open 24/7 cos it's the grow room..... thank God for the mesh, but I dunno if that'll keep out any pythons or goannas!

The water I'm using this evening is a mix of rainwater and mains water pH 7.0 and EC 0.1

I usually make up my feed then pH balance at the end by adding pH down to bring it down from pH 6.4ish to pH 5.8

I did a lower strength feed for the Cinderella Jack, EC 0.9 instead of EC 1.0 at pH 5.8 and flushed her good. The pH of the first load of run off was pH 5.5. Looks Ok on the chart.
pH chart.gif

I think she just needed a lower strength feed..... she's been on the same as the Glueberries right from word go, so maybe it's that.... I have lowered her feed EC and she seems to be perking up a bit.....
day 54 CJ.JPG

She's had a little stretch, and is getting on with flowering.

The Glueberries are storming away..... GB2 is the most advanced of all my plants in terms of flowering, nice chunky early buds and a good foundation for some nice long thick colas!
day 54 GB2.JPG

GB1 is just massive.... 95cm high and around a metre in diameter all round.
day 54 GB1 1.JPG

and there's loads of good looking bud sites ready to fatten up and out!
day 54 GB1 2.JPG

You might see the old faithful Helios 6 in there giving GB1 a bit of side light action.... well, now I have a Photon 126 on the other side now to join the show.....

Basically every plant has a Skyline 400, and the GB1 has the additional side lighting.

Naturally, with that amount of lighting, I have temperature issues, what with the 30°C plus outdoor temps, I have to run the aircon almost constantly to keep the grow room at 24°C and the inside of the tent at around 27-28°C. The Glueberries are showing a bit of heat stress in the leaves, but that seems to be common with the strain from what I've seen.

I've upped the air intake and extraction fan speeds to bring in more 24°C air and extract more heat from the tent, and have added more and better air circulation fans.

Here they are as a group on day 54....
day 54 group.JPG

clockwise from top: Glueberry1, Glueberry 2, Cinderella Jack

They are all on PK13/14 for a few days, then on with the Top Shooter. I'm also giving some Bud Candy and Kelp (in the form of Algen Extract), as well some Bud XL and Multizyme. The Glueberries are still on EC 1.0 even though I lowered Cindy's feed to EC 0.9.

Thanks for popping in, more soon!
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Trig, why'd you aways call me Dave?
AFN Gladiator
Sep 6, 2016
Reaction score

Fuck that! Is it poisonous??
Plants look fandabbydosi, you've got some good size to them again
Love the light set up, it must be brighter than the sun in there :yeah: