Dutch Passion Glueberry OG and Cinderella Jack with Skyline LEDs from LED Hydroponics

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LED Hydroponic LTD
Jan 22, 2018
Cheers @otuaflower mate, I couldn't wait any longer.... trichomes were milky. So after jarring up the Glueberry 2.......
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The big pile weighs EXACTLY 6 ounces. Grade A hard sticky nugs. The medium sized pile is just smaller bits of grade A, so I call it Grade 1. The smallest pile is what I call scuff. It's trichome laden but small fluff really. It usually gets smoked first (by the Wife - while I hit the grade A).

I then set about spending the weekend trimming GB1 in the pot....

View attachment 873155
That's a lot of weed.....
......from a different angle.....
View attachment 873153
.... and from above....
View attachment 873154
I chopped off all the stems, and have them suspended in cardboard boxes, all the rest is ready to be brown paper bagged..... just resting between sheets of packing paper for the evening..... I've had enough!
Great grow teetee. You got some lovely smoke there mate.


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
You are Master Shifu and when I saw how well you trained @otuaflower I had to join your school!

A note about the fabled gram per Watt.....

200W draw per unit.

So almost a gram per Watt if I were just using the Skylines, for the total grow.....

BUT the GB1 actually had 2x Skylines over her plus a Photon 126 on the side during most of flowering.
Close to 600W draw to get 418.44g is a lower 0.7g/W

On the other hand, the other Glueberry had one Skyline and gave me 252g using 200W, a much more impressive 1.26g/W


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
Beautiful grow my friend!! Hey buddy...not all seeds are meant to be monsters!! ;)
Cheers 912 mate, but you are the monster Master...

I'm just having some of the Glueberry 1..... very juicy berry smell in the grinder with just a hint of sick. Yep, sick. I smell it on a few strains, and it's always the strong ones. My nose is fucked though, so you might call it something else. Takes me way back to some bud I scored back in the 90's that was blonde, and covered in dust...... the bags used to smell like vomit..... but WOW was that stuff strong!

To smoke, the Glueberry is delicious, a really sugary sweet taste on the tongue as you draw - then you get some of that fruity tang, and a nice hashy smell as she burns.

This stuff gets me well stoned. It's good in the day, a wake and bake sets the stall out for a hazy, lazy day. I also find I can sleep well on this gear, but a late night session is still felt in the morning.... I have to use the red eyes eye drops before work!

I am very happy with Glueberry OG so far, it lives up to it's name.... glues you to the seat, and very fruity with a hit of OG Kush......and only 3-4 weeks cured, should only get better with time.

As welI as thanking Muddy and Ledbud for the tech and knowledge, I also have to say a big THANK YOU to @DutchPassionTony - amazing how a simple gift of some seeds can bring so much joy to others!


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Jul 20, 2018
Just out of interest how did CJ smoke?
Well I'll take that all back. OK, she was a bitch to grow, but look what I did with her last night....

View attachment 866852

Here's a different angle......

View attachment 866853

All in all not as bad as I thought!

View attachment 866854

I chopped off the stems, and they're now hanging in a cardboard box.

Tonight I started on the Glueberry 2. I did think about manicuring her in the pot like the Cindy Jack, but I was getting worried about mould, so off came the main cola.....

View attachment 866855

.... and this is what it looks like now....

View attachment 866893

I hate cropping, but these big fat sticky colas are a pleasure to trim. I've done 3 big ones, and that's enough for tonight.

More soon!
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Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
It was Ok, nothing to write home about. I still have some in a jar somewhere. I would ask someone whose grown a decent one for their opinion.
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