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Dutch Passion Highest yields list


Auto Warrior
AFN Gladiator
Jun 26, 2015
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I thought it would be cool to compile a list of weight records for the DP auto strains. Do you have a grow, or know of a grow with a DP auto that tops the charts? Please supply link to grow and a pic or two!! As grows present themselves, this list will be edited with 1st - 5th best.

Blackberry Kush - 1st 529g's Tankat, 2nd 332g's Jingo, 3rd 212g's Icewater421,
Auto Durban Poison - 1st 482g's Jingo, 2nd 153g's Mcdee
Auto Frisian Dew - 1st 245g's Corgy
Auto Ultimate - 1st 1000 g's Mr Ganjamoto, 2nd 602g's TeeTee, 3rd 529g's Teetee, 4th 477g's EvilScotsman, 5th 360 g's Duggy
Auto blueberry - 1st 210 g's Ripped in Oregon, 2nd 90g's Ripped in Oregon
Auto Euphoria - 1st 110g's Dudeski, 2nd 89grams 912GreenSkell
Brooklyn Sunrise - 1st 350g Terra Firma, 2nd 265g Terra Firma, 3rd 250g Terra Firma
Colorado Cookies -1st 186g's ChroToker, 2nd 165g KonopCh 135g's KonopCh
Daiquiri Lime - 1st -506g's Teetee, 2nd 379g's Teetee, 3rd 281 g's Terra Firma, 4th 165 g's 912greenSkell
Daiquiri Lime CBD
White Widow
White Widow CBD
Auto Night Queen 1st 282g's TeeTee, 2nd 276g's Teetee, 3rd 187 g's medczech, 4th 143g's cayennecuervo, 5th 129g's Teetee
Automazar - 1st 434g's CTb1, 2nd 407 g's Taipan, 3rd 402g's ledbud, 4th 196g's Autobeast, 5th 140g's KonopCh
Xtreme - 1st 195g's Sanguine
Blue automazar - 1st 314g's Medgrower, 2nd 215 g's Teetee, 3rd 210g Wingsuit, 4th 116 g's Teetee, 5th 90g's Sanguine
Think Big - 342g's Corgy,
Think Different - 1st Yozhik 369 g's, 2nd 356 g's Seymour-Buds, 3rd 280g's Marijuanalovesme, 4th 265g's Corgy , 5th 196g's Hansbricks
Cinderella Jack
Autoduck. 60g Wingsuit
Glueberry OG 1st 545 g's Hansbricks , 2nd 460g's Teetee, 3rd 418g's Teetee, 4th Teetee 369 g's
Orange Bud 1st 245g's 2Stoned2care , 200g's KonopCh , 90g's KonopCh

So lets see those gigantic DP beauties!! If you know of DP monster growers not on the tag list below, tag 'em in!
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Auto Warrior
AFN Gladiator
Jun 26, 2015
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Got it...gonna be tough to beat that one!! Makes my outdoor ultimate look like a spliff. :D

Hi 912 great idea, I managed 506g from a Daiquiri Lime (still waiting for my 1lb badge and POM badge @Rebel)

I'm sure there's bigger out there, but hey......
Gotcha!!! But shouldn't there be a cookies up there as well? Amazing job...we'll get you that well deserved badge bud!!!

Brooklyn sunrise 231g/8.1oz my best so far
Fantastic!! Ive edited my 112BS into second place. Got any others?

I typed this out late last night, but did want to tag in some to get this list rockin! Thanks for all of the input guys!

@Ripped In Oregon
@Terra Firma
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Ripped In Oregon

Auto Warrior
Oct 20, 2015
Reaction score
Here is the DP Blueberry (bottom pic) I did last summer and it was a bitch to get it done my ballast took a shit on July 4th weekend.The wind blew her over and snapped the tops off and all in all a great harvest 210 dried. The smaller plant in the left corner is also a BB from DP and she was half the size and yielded 90grams dried.
The one in the tent is a Brooklyn Sunrise I had 2 but this one was the bigger of the 2.
531g wet and around 159 grams dry.
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