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Sorry we do not make a cal-mag product, the Leaf Green is a veg foliar spray and is not our cal-mag solution. The reason for this is because Ca and Mg are present in the base feed, and coco has a higher ppm feed than soil to provide the addtional cal-mag.

If extra cal-mag is required past the appropriate ppm range, the lights might have to be raised, Take Root has the most cal-mg besides the base feed, you can try adding a few mls if you are still in veg or any other cal-mag solution can be used, if using another company's cal-mag I just suggest doing it in its own watering and not mixing it directly with Dutchpro to avoid any kind of negative reaction.

...OK thanks.....I already use a calmag solution dude, just wondered if you did/why you didn't make one?.... as its needed in coco...I stopped for a week on my last grow and got rusty spots on the leaves, same thing when I dropped to 0.5 ml per litre.....I think Autos need a lot of it.....Thanks for the help, very much appreciated :smiley1: