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DynaTec Orion portable IH Driver by DynaVap


Vaporist of Borg! Reg'd date 2011.Oct.26
Dec 15, 2012
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M'well, this many months later all i can bet on is that the so-called "DNA" of Induction Heaters for the DynaVap VapCap owners partly resides in a solution implemented by Steven Ward ("Steve's High Voltage Self-Resonant SSTC" Rev. 1.0), in 1983... Still WITHOUT any Curie alloy inside while i wouldn't be surprised to find similar cases going back further in time, as Royer's original patent dates back to 1954! JAi's Curie Pyrolizer got patented in 1969.


One serious issue with such "protection" trick resides in an attempt to compensate FROM OUTSIDE the faulty circuit (AFTER) a troublesome event occured, so IMO the value of a "KISS" topology was clearly misunderstood. It's as if an armed grenade was put inside some magical black box supposed to contain de deflagration, for example a "Shot-Through" condition quickly leading to catastrophic (destructive) failure.

But ain't this "good enough" for the user's own intended purpose anyway?? :confused1:

Truth is i've repeatedly requested gate waveforms hoping to clear the fog (...), in case there are Miller parasitic oscillations involved that will also compound with other issues. Such elementary suggestions were simply ignored/rejected or just deleted - but it was Egzoset asking after all...


Even with the Egzoset variable put aside the recent/negative experience of related hardware resellers vs PayPal could mean real technicians finally took a fair look before advising just to BAN those businesses on the basis of safety, or perhaps there's been confusion over the "vape" term. In any case i can't but notice that although DynaVap's "Induction Heaters" (reddit) channel appears to be generic it's strictly reserved to "Custom, DIY, purchased, or modified induction heaters" serving the DynaVap customers and NO OTHERS.

As for electronics design i feel necessary to remind the readers that both Mazzilli and Ward worked on "Tesla Coils" nonetheless, the later even rendering his musical...


Browsing the web since last summer i finally discovered "Floating" Switched-Capacitor (solar power conversion) topologies with NO D.C. path(s) to begin with

Hence less chance for a "Shot Through" condition to cause permanent damage; equally offering access to real "FLAT" designs where RF Chokes are made much smaller/lightweight if not simply rendered optional. Infineon's MA12070 Class-D Digital Audio ("smart") chip integrates everything including the gate-drivers + power stage, and it's feature with multiple protections plus i2C interfacing as an option. One reason to choose the 2-transistors free-wheeling oscillator over current/standardized technology must be the prioritization of cost, and maybe more considerations not directly addressing its final task which is to vaporize, while i'd have to argue marketting tactics solve the reseller's challenge FIRST, actually.

Déjà vu!


The way constructive criticism was handled my present advice is to refrain from acting out of impulse and continue to observe. Let this frenzy bandwagon pass the test of time...

Good day, have fun!! :peace: