E.Shine GrowSun 320 LED Grow Light Review

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LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Hi All,
Good News!
Thought id post an update on the condition of my LED. Ive just completed another grow with it <77 days> and sent it off to a mate of mine to check it over for me & here are the pictures proving the results, no problems were found, looks like the re-routing of that power cable solved the problem from happening again. :check:

the cable did show little signs of 'pinching' from the power supply pushing down but only slight slight pressure marks, nothing to be concerned about.
But at least it hasn't shown anymore signs of scorching and this grow was quite a hot one.

Overall tho we still think its best to open these units and re-route that power cable. Also its good to clean it when needed as those fans can get dusty.
Hope this helps peeps feel a bit better now with their GS-320's.

will posts if anything else occurs tho

Happy growing all!


LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Yo all!

just a quick update on Eshine

Ivy Shine is now accusing me of breaking their 'machine' on purpose aswell as all sorts of other slanderous accusations thrown in.

My reply was 'So I burnt my own wire and controller board then? then why did you still send me a replacement? AND tried to threaten me to not tell the truth? '

and even then I posted the solution for them.,,,,

No reply was my answer, literally.

Nice eh?

Be warned, Ivy is just a wee bit psycho .

LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Oh my they wont leave me alone now lol. heres another nice email from them to show what they are actually like when you have a problem with their Light.
This is IVYs reply when I mentioned "hang on, that's slander! anyway"

Oh she is attacking A&O aswell, lol. Same sort of BS, oh she also attacks anyone who mentions this fault aswell.

So be warned, she is certainly one sandwich short of a picnic, or her lift doesn't go to her top floor, lol, I could carry on but I think you all get the idea

in a word...NUTS

From: Ivy Shine <[email protected]>

Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 10:47 PM
To: LED Borg

Subject: Faulty GS320 slander

Slander? To such a cheater?

We choose to ignore all the e-mails from you when you attacked us, see what you tried to do? original words: " we will also show the truth to public, Borg attacks Chinese Government?

Anyway, we are busy, we never show these e-mail to anyone else. We only send this information to people who came to ask what happened on forum, we only want to protect, we never want to attack you, but don't force us to do so. If you don't post all the truth on forum, or if we checked anywhere elsewith lies, we will post also do the same

But as we mentioned, we only choose to protect, we never want to hurt anyone, we don't like fight, we hope peace.
Most of the time, we choose to forget everything with any relations of any forum, from the beginning to the end, and for what we have done for you to grow.
Now you are the winner,you have our lights and post our "BAD",, we failed and lost much, if you don't try to force,we just, as I said, choose peace. We already accepted our mistake to cooperate

As we said, don't force to make this problem worse, it is not good for you either, and believe, you will lose more. We have sold thousands of this light before forums & people are all happy with them, but forums are young, it is important all forums act in correct way,or... you know.

God is watching and will judge.

Good luck to you.

E.shine Systems

What you all think of that then?

Not very professional is it?
She is clearly mentally unstable. Eshine should sack her and put someone else in charge.

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AFN Vibe Guardian
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Global Moderator (SA)
Nov 6, 2013
Currently Smoking
anything I can get my hands on!
Ya, she's got the six-pack but seems to have lost the plastic thingy that holds it all together!
Very nice review, thanks for that! And thanks for the careful review of the problem you had with it. My concern would be the corrosion on the wires. Like pop22 said that is not usual, looks like it was damp or exposed to acid. It could of happened during manufacture. It almost seems like the corrosion caused the overheating due to high resistance at the connection. At any rate thanks again for the great review and good luck with your new email pen-pals!

LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Cheers mate, was my pleasure.

I agree with the your explanation of why the wire did that, maybe it did happen in manufacturing, all innocent

But to reply like that? Don't think they would of spoken to Trading Standards or Heath and safety organisations like that eh?

lol @my new pen-pals, with pals like Ivy, Who needs enemies? lol

Thanks again mate. Appreciate your post.


Auto Warrior
Jan 20, 2015
Dang communists.... Seems like she emulates her government well. Just remember people if you're having a problem with the units don't try and send the unit back as a whole, it might come back as a bomb.... lol

All jokes aside I'm glad u Fixed the light correctly and your continued use of the product shows that it's still pretty good gear.

I might have thrown mine out if I was you having to deal with these issues.
Or at least sighted in a new rifle scope with it :devil:

LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Yo all, Bout time I updated this thread... its now 4 years on & some would say im a bit late updating, which I agree and apologise,, but in my defence, I've been testing the eshines since the first post, a lonnng time ago.
especially with that wiring problem which I am happy to say never came back over 4 years of continuous use with the Eshine 320. I do not regret what I did though as there could be other units out there with the same problem.
I just find that prevention is the best cure. So,

The Eshine 320 got moved on to a mate about 2 years ago who is still using it with no problems & getting happy results.

I've had my two other Eshine 160's running for the last 4 years aswell & they are behaving. I open them up and give them a clean every year or so which helps but they don't get that dirty inside.
But the clear lense covers do get dirty but in a un noticeable way,,,, they will look ok and not dirty but if you unscrewed the holding ring and removed it,
Feel the flat side of the lense, it might feel sticky,,, give it a good clean with polish and feel it again with your finger, it should now feel smooth and slippery.
After realising this I cleaned all the lenses on both units and did notice the difference straight away, much much clearer light.
Results? id say middle of the road in quantity, but enough to keep yourself happy.
And yeah I know what y'all thinking, all words and no pics to prove. lol. I wouldn't blame you either for assuming that.
So, here's two in one cab.
Left one is a Super Lemon Haze Auto, The Right dwarfed one is a Pineapple crack auto. Poor thing. lol
Leds are Eshine 160's ,,two of them is the same as having one Eshine 320 as in number of leds, twice the power. etc.. so I thought worth posting to help end my role in this thread.
Just for general info as this is not a full journalised grow,, just to give you a idea.
Soil plagron light mix,
Feeds : plant magic old timer grow, plant magic old timer bloom.
Pots are 6L airpots.
Schedule 24/0.
Area : 236cm tall, 100 cm wide. 60cm deep.

2 weeks.
2 Weeks (1).jpg
2 Weeks (2).jpg

2 Weeks (3).jpg
2 Weeks (4).jpg

6 weeks old (current)

week 6 (1).jpg
week 6 (3).jpg
week 6 (2).jpg

Super Lemon Haze Auto

week 6 (5).jpg

week 6 (6).jpg
week 6 (7).jpg

Pineapple crack auto

week 6 (4).jpg

week 6 (8).jpg
week 6 (9).jpg

I will post another update pre and post harvest to complete this thread.
Peace all.

archie space gemmill

Chat disabled.i cant read it,so use pm
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Feb 23, 2014
you been here longer than me but i feel i hi and welcome is in order so Hi and :welcome::pass: not seen you outside of the music section so good to see you growing:smokeit:
nice frosting and decent size plants for 6L pots.
good luck n keep er lit.

LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Thanks dude. Yeah ive been around for some time eh? time does fly.
Nah I don't often post grows, just input here and there, my eshines are just my side line leds aswell,
my main babes are plant photonics DS-76 osram units, I just like the eshines for their quietness and bling look. lol.
Thanks for the nice welcome all the same dude, appreciate it.

LED Borg

Vegging in the LED Cube.
Apr 23, 2014
Greetings All, As promised, pics of pre harvest, just before the final snip.

First to go for the final trim before cutting was the Pineapple Crack Auto @ Day 74. Fed just plain water for 2 weeks, Bigger leaves all taken off, Extremely sticky, Smelling sweet and fruity. Ready for harvest and drying.

Pineapple crack day 74 (1).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (2).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (3).jpg

Pineapple crack day 74 (7).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (8).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (9).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (10).jpg
Pineapple crack day 74 (11).jpg

The lemon Super Haze Auto has got another week to go, shes just on just pure water.


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