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Aug 23, 2015
Well the time is finally here guys.... We've got an awesome newly patented product to be tested right here in front of the whole community.... So first let's all give a warm welcome to Joe from elite nutrients who will be our on-site rep and who pulled the strings to make all this possible for us. He's been great to work with, very friendly and very prompt.... So don't give him too hard a time guys!:naughtystep:
Next id like to introduce our test team for this one!....I myself will be testing this line on both autos and photos and will get a thread started on both endeavors.
We also have the pleasure of having senior staff member (hes been here awhile, not necessarily old) @GoAuto6
Next on the list, everyone step aside for our great promix paladin @stepside
Let's not forget cannazone's own, Coco connoisseur, @budelee
And last, but by very far, not least, id like everyone to give an extra huge welcome to member @Bum he is going to be our DWC Dr.....
Go ahead and tell the community and Joe from elite a little bit about yourselves for those of our newer members that may not be familiar with all the testers.

So a little about about elite nutrients.... At the end of this post there will be a picture of their recommended schedule for photoperiods.... With the help of our testing and information, the guys at elite have actually decided to dedicate some time and space in their R&D facilities to start working on an auto schedule as well.... Let's see if we can't help move that along for these guys!!!! Boy does the auto community need it!!!!

Elite is a simple 5 bottle line consisting of root ignitor, base nutrient A, base nutrient B, root tonic C and resin D..... Here's a little info about each.....
1) Root ignitor: mycorrhizae
The beginning stages of plant growth are the most critical. Elite root ignitor is used to bolster root structure and improve nutrient uptake.
Specifically formulated to increase lateral root mass.
Allows for more effective absorption of both water and beneficial nutrients.
Mycorrhizae, a species of beneficial fungi, are scientifically proven to increase root mass, and learn the damaging impacts of medium toxicity.
Active ingredients:
Mycorrhizae: 136propagules per ml.
Glomus intraradices.......(34 prop./ml each)
G. Mosseae........(34prop./ml each)
G. Aggregatum......(34prop./ml each)
G. Etunicatum.......(34prop./ml each)
Proprietary inert mix.....99%.
2) base nutrient A
Rich in nitrogen and calcium.
Targets the early stages plant developement with key nutrients.
Supports infrastructure growth from seedling to harvest.
Contains vital trace elements to boost plant growth and metabolism.
3) base nutrient B
Delivered the increased potassium, phosphorous and magnesium plants crave.
Contains the vital sulfur required for protein, amino acid, and enzyme formation.
Unique chelating process reduces insolubility and helps establish a perfect PH-balanced solution - no more clogged lines!
4) root tonic C
Quenches a growing plants boundless thirst, crafting lateral growth and a strong foundation.
Biochemically engineered to assist in the development of stronger, healthier plants.
Encourages plant health and wellness.
Supports lateral growth for a strong foundation.
Packed with high levels of key micronutrients and trace elements, it meets the demands of growing plants.
5) resin D
Provided the vital nutrients necessary in the final stages of growth and promotes the development of rich, full flowers.
Provided the vital ratio of phosphorous and potassium to support both photosynthesis and the natural shift from vegetation to bloom.
Increases concentration of essential oils.
Enhanced plants ability to uptake and maintain bashed levels of potassium and phosphorus.

Here's some tips and tricks for this line....
1) recommended feeding schedule, adjust as needed.
2) amounts are measured in milliliters per gallon of water.
3) dilute nutrients before mixing with other formulas. Wash measuring cup thoroughly between nutrients.
4) optimal nutrient solution temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)
5) optimal ph after adding nutrients is 5.8-6.3.
6) if using RO, it's recommended to supplement with calmag.
7) for best results, mix A,B,C then D. PH the feed to the proper zone. THEN add your root ignitor: mycorrhizae
This line is all natural and is free of hormones, perfumes, dyes and growth regulators, including paclobutrazol and daminozide.

Here's PPM readings for each week starting from 0 PPM water....
Week 1) 412ppm
Week 2) 520ppm
Week 3) 628ppm
Week 4) 628ppm
Week 5) 844ppm
Week 6) 844ppm
Week 7) 952ppm
Week 8) 1240ppm
Week 9) 1044ppm
Week 10) 1020ppm
Week 11) 804ppm
For recirculating systems, change nutrient solution every 7 days and water with fresh water once per week.
For soil/hot mix mediums, nutrient dilution should be mixed at HALF strength from recommended feed chart.
For drain to waste, water with fresh water once per week, allow 10% minimum and 25% maximum run off.
Here's a pic of the schedule for photos and also for clones and mother plants.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away!!!
For ease of use they have also developed an app for users, and you can visit their website for further information. Link provided.


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Sep 4, 2015
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a Little Dab 'll Do Ya.ask Elvis !!
Elite Nutrients/Joe
Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to test your products.
You ask for Monsters,it will be done
About Me...budelee..coco grower in GeoPot fabric bags,two gallon is my specialty,i use HID MH/HPS 600 watts for light..my water source is near the hard level and because the coco i usually add extra cal mag,im sure you'll have us covered on that..
Pleasure to be working with a great team of testers​


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Mar 13, 2015
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Hey everybody!! Stepside here. I'm just a guy that likes to grow pot. I use several methods, indoor with hps and LED and outside weather permitting. I usually use airpots and promix. I'm glad to be involved in this test round hope I do you proud.. thank you for the opportunity Joe from Elite nutes.


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Jan 6, 2016
Super cool of you to include me on this Elite/Joe, I cant wait to start!

I'm not as experienced(yet;)) in growing as the rest of the group but I'll do my very best to not disappoint anyone lol. Before dwc i've grown mainly in coco using 600w hps. My first DWC harvest is just around the corner and im really psyched about trying Elite Nutrients in my next DWC!

Thanks again Joe and welcome to AFN you'll love it here ;)
@Discretepete2676 you're awesome to man!

Elite Joe

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Oct 18, 2016
Hello Discrete Pete and the rest of the gang! It is our pleasure at Elite to be a part of this project, and a huge thank you to Discrete Pete for reaching out to us! I love that you have put together a crew of diverse growers to test different products, and hope Elite can knock your socks off, from the most experienced to the greenest grower! I am happy to provide my expertise about growing and Elite nutrients, and am very excited to learn from you all about autoflower needs and discovery of an autoflower feed schedule - something sorely missing in this industry. We'll get your nutrient packs in the mail ASAP!

Nice to meet you all. Thanks for welcoming Elite into your group!


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Jun 5, 2011
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A dedicated nutrient line for auto flowers would be a site to see, as for the most part we tend to run every thing at 1/4 to 1/2 strength, to avoid burning them up or stunting them.. I hope this feed back will help you along the way.

Elite Joe

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Oct 18, 2016
I think the "burning" situation you're dealing with can be addressed a number of different ways. As I get more acclimated with the autoflower process I'll be able to see exactly what we're dealing with. Over the years a lot of burning in these plants can be traced back to simple nitrogen sourcing. Since these plants have a tendency to store more nitrogen than any others, ammoniacal (acidic) nitrogen that is sourced and utilized in many fertilizers on the market can have a negative effect on the physiology of the plant. Since we utilize ammoniacal nitrogen for just 7.5% of our total nitrogen content in our base, you'll have less trouble with "overfeeding".


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Sep 4, 2015
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a Little Dab 'll Do Ya.ask Elvis !!
Yaaaaa,my kit arrived today...and i have to say i am impressed!!! Pens,stickers and a hat!!!! I wearing it already!!! Okay im waiting on some beans and have to make a trip to the store for a few things,otherwise im ready to kick this test off!!
Thank You @Discretepete2676 ,Thank You @Elite Joe