Epic Surprise Grow and Smoke Report

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Sep 4, 2015
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a Little Dab 'll Do Ya.ask Elvis !!
Seedbank: Epic Genetics

Strain: Epic Surprise

Did it Autoflower: Yes


Nutes: I have always used GH Maxi Bloom on a Lucas Ratio Formula,,Epis Took the feeds like champ,never too much,never too little,very strong genetics in my experience !!

Lights:Initially 600 watts MH,,Switched to 600 Watts HPS on an 18/6 schedule start to finish

Seed to Harvest: I had two phenos,two were done at estimated time,the second pheno took about 115 days but was a huge plant and was well worth the wait

Dry Yield: I wrote the yield totals down waiting on the last to finish and lost my page..the on time phenos were on par with estimate..the long pheno was way heavy due to the long finish time

High Effect/Duration: I have not had a strain from ABS or his partners that were not Very Potent,My friends agree that this is top shelf smoke! I did make some wax/dabs from some of it and it was the bomb!The high from the bud is strong mostly Indica in my opinion,the wax/dab was even more potent.

Bag Appeal: 1-10..9 or better,Epic surprise is a very frosty strain with good color,sticky inside the bag,and leaves fingers oily when breaking it up for a doobie.

Smell: The smells are not a strong point for me as far as trying to describe them,,Earthy with a fruit
undertone,strong thru the bag aroma..

Summary....This Strain should be on everyones list to grow,it is an easy growing plant that can take a high or low amount of nutes and keep on trucking,since i feed all plants the same,some strains will show burn or deficiency but not ABS straing or Epic Genetics.The on time pheno plants grew as stated,height wise,The long pheno was a huge monster that folded over from the weight of the terminal cola..Overall I give this strain a 9.5 and would grow it again

Diesel Ryder,turned male at about 19 days and was terminated as i am not ready to cross any plants