Express water home RO water system


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Aug 31, 2016
Hey guys and gals i wanted to do a quick review of the Express water RO system that I just purchased from them.
Price: $138 US shipped this is a 5 part filtration system. It comes totally assembled unit with filters installed in unit. The surprise is that it comes with 6 extra filters..thats always good :)
Install: Was very easy to install took less than 1 hr with very minimal tools...everything you need to install is in there..besides hand tools.
Verdict: Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for an affordabe purification system for their homes. Iam on a well my TDS are well above 350 after being sent thru my softner and thru the RO my drinking water now sits at an amazing 14-20ppm:d5:...hope this helps some people looking to git an RO system.:coffee:
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