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Jun 8, 2016
Ok ok, I've banged on like a pork chop for 23 pages.. almost time to put this one to bed!

I'll get a final on Citrus Noir and smoke report and move on to the next project.

Promise to try and not talk in the 3rd person and have a bit more discipline next time rather than a bucket of lobsters.



Jun 8, 2016
Ok last post, we are done here!

Spiritwalker Day 78 cut, 252g dry.

Smoke report;
Ripped 2 small joints.

Light and unobnoxious odour both in bud and smoke form.(early days obviously)

Smooth on the inhale and exhale, which is a signature of the weed I grow usually, organicly based nutes and no silly toppers.

Flavors.. hmm floral maybe like rose hip is the closest I can call it for. Very subtle, but pleasant!

Only 2 small jozzas, effects on par with decent bag weed without the rank and cheese grater on the throat and lungs so all good but no face melter!

Stone is bright and cheerful like a sativa should, bit of psynap action, I imagine ripping a top shelf bud might get a bit of strobing (this was from a lower satilite

Ruby Day 82 cut, 151g dry.
Smoke report;
2 jozza test of Ruby...

Not quite regretting the second one but don't mess with Ruby!

Jar time and a prime nug and should be a hard hitter!

Earthy flavored, herb smelling buds

Smooth as all get up!

Nice density, probably taken a bit far, as was the sw guess, so fast again!

Stone is good balance of head and body, potent but not debilitating... That might change with cure haha!

Citrus Noir day 87 cut, 293g dry!
- Surprised! Much slower dry on CN.

Smoke report;
1 joint, didn't smoke the second...

Effects within half the joint!

Smells like an armpit with citronella and tastes the same! Not exactly obnoxious but not a super clean lemon smell/taste!

Good density and frosty as! Smooth smoking experience, very enjoyable!

Hard hitting soaring cerebral high, strobing, pulsing, potent, might freak some people out. Can for see some heart palpitations! Mainly in the head but also a wieghted feeling, pain releaving.

Smoked some scissor hash last night and was and still a little bit today. Dissasociated.. Most powerful auto I've grown by a large margin :thumbsup:

Anyway, I'm fried, huge rollercoaster. Time to reboot my head and keep doing what I do but hopefully a bit more calm and quiet enjoyment!

One day I'll find a strain that fixes whatever it is that ails me!

f6 out!
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